I don't grow armpit hair, is this a problem?

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hey so, im 16 years old and I still dont have any armpit hair, its kind of embarrising taking my shirt off in front of people, would other people care if I didnt have any?

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yah but im 16, and I still havent grown any, should I be concerned about this, and its kind of embarrising taking my shirt off in front of people, because I dont have any.

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Hi every body my names branden and like all of my friends have some armpit hair but I'm a little worried I have pubes and leg hair but no armpit hair I'm scared pls help thx

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No, not at all. I know some guys that cant grow facial hair.
Be lucky - its so annoying to shave all the time.

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wow wow wow! god must loveee you =) luckyyy!
No! Just be happpyyy =) are you a guy or girl?

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No, its not bad.
Most women prefer to shave it - but whatever makes you comfortable.

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I don't grow armpit hair either... nobody in my family does.

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So bad condition you for...that has natural in 13,as me so

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no, I mean I never got any armpit hair, everyone is jealous, but can it be a health concern?

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16 and no armpit hair, haha. that cant be true

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I wish I didnt grow armpit hair :)

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Nope Be happy lol

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lol, thanks.

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I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who doesn't. I never have and we think it may be because my mom had chemo when she was younger and it effected her too.

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