What if my armpit hair is uneven?

I am 14 in the middle of puberty all I have left are things still have to grow and I am starting to get taller vertickly
I have more hair in my left armpit than my left and there is a big difference
I am a male

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That is quite weird...

You really have no life if the most important
thing for you to ask is if it's weird for armpit
hair to be uneven...

bahahahaha (:

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If the question is that if all this stuff is normal, than yes. you r fine.

As grandpa always said "Quietcherb*tchin, yeh Sally"

Hope I helped


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There isn't a human in the world that is completely symetrical. You shouldn't worry about it, but if you do-shave it. I doubt anyone would notice one way or another.

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wow kid you sound like the biggest dumbazs wow iam mean you ask the stupidest question hey maybe you should go dink sum choclate milk hahahahahahahahah

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um. eww

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dont stress mate you will be fine. it all sounds normal. if your waiting for the "other parts" to grow that takes time also. you'll be fine.


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ok wut iam trying to say is your gayyy

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uhh .. whats the questiion?

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It is common, don't worry about that.

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