Is it cruel?

I’d like your opinions on this.

I actually had some people (great animal lovers) telling me its cruel for a dog to sleep outside. Let me explain further,

We have 3 dogs, A lot of us are allergic to them, so they sleep outside in their dog kennels with enough blankets to keep them warm and whatever else they need. We let them in when it gets REALLY cold (which it hardly ever does here) or when it rains very badly…but that is also not a lot) They get a lot of attention and go for walks daily and we have a large garden.

So do you think it’s cruel to let your dog sleep outside? (I am not speaking of OBVIOUS animal abuse here)

Answer #1

My daughter is allergic to cats, I absolutely adore cats and all animals for that matter, I own dogs. My daughter is not allergic to them, so ( not that I’m knockin you) I’m just wondering why you have dogs?

Answer #2

what your doing is fine :] but if you didnt give them anything, not a kennel, food or anything then its mean,

Answer #3

I don’t think it’s cruel at all. they probably like it. as long as they have blankets and fresh water available and everything like you said, they should be perfectly happy.

Answer #4

I have a thought on this subject. If you have an outside dog it should be an outside dog and if you have an inside dog it should stay inside. Meaning unless you have extreme conditions, a dog adjusts to the temps it lives in, like having a thicker coat or hide because it stays outside. The inside dog will have thinner hair and not be use to the cold or heat.

I have 3 dogs that live outside and I believe that it is better for them to be outside the majority of the time. That if I brought them in and out and in and out, it would make them sick. You get use to what you live in. They have kennels not chains.

My inside dogs do not handle the heat or cold well. They go out to potty and excuse and come back in.

Answer #5

I had to say this also…the fact that all the dogs sleep outside makes it a “doable” thing, for those who are allergic…and the dogs themselves. The picture of dog stuck alone in a back yard, or on the end of a chain…never getting to interact with people or other dogs is cruel…

But simply, staying outside, in an area where the weather is normally very moderate is fine…

I do live in Montana…and tho my German Shepherd would rather be outside 90% of the time…there are days in the winter, when the temps are minus 30 F, that he appreciates coming in and laying by the fire. :)


Answer #6

yh is seems crel but it teaches them a lesson if they did something wronf and its ok if they have a worm bed and food to sleep and eat wid

Answer #7

we have an alsation, a basset and a sausage dog…

and it is very warm weather over here, the alsation prefers to be outside…he cries if he has to sleep inside on a normal day. so I guess it’s ok then.

Thnx guys. lol..:)

Answer #8

CharlieFarlie got it right WE domesticated dogs. However a Chihuahua should not be outside in Montana for example. Anyway I don’t know what breed you have but it is not wrong to keep a dog outside. I have a Aussie and he LOVES it outside. He is in the house every time I am home but he sleeps and goes outside when I am not home. There are times when the house is just to warm for him. You have to know about the breed you have and what type of JOB they were bred for. If you pay attention to those needs along with health you should have a happy dog who listens well. I would recommend however that your family own dogs that are low dander and that may be able to live in the house with you , like a Bishon Frise

Answer #9

Political Correctness run amok - it is an ANIMAL - it is there nature to sleep outside - they would do so in the wild and survive just fine - as a pet we can spoil them and bring them inside on those cold nights but it’s not truly necessary or mandatory - sadly, some, I say again, some of those same people would have no problem if it were a baby / zero respect for human life - today’s culture.

Answer #10

Nope, animals do have thicker skin remember, and as long as they are let out of they’re kennal during the day to get plenty excercise. If its like snowing or something then obviously you’d take them in despite your allergies right? I think that its perfectly okay :)

Answer #11

No, of course it’s not cruel. It might be a little harsh if you forced a dog which had slept inside all it’s life to suddenly start sleeping outside, but if your dogs are used to it then that’s fine. People who say it’s cruel don’t really know what they’re talking about.

Answer #12

what people dont realise is humans have domesticated animals! bird arnt dsupposed to be in cages, fish arnt supposed to be in glass bowls and dogs arnt supposed to be locked in houses! I have 2 dogs which I love to bits and they stay in the house as they are small dogs and I just want them inside as the uk is cold cold cold.

a lot of my friends have their dogs in kennals in the garden and they come in every so oftern. and thats ok its not cruel in any way! the only thing that I do think is cruel is when they get left outside and dont interact with humans and are tied upo :( ! breaks my heart!

im sure your a good dog owner and your dogs love you very much

Answer #13

no, I think its fine most animals are actually supposed to live outside wether there pets or just wild animals its there habitat, its there home and unless the animal is spoilt or lives in a place thats its not adapted to I would say only then is it okay to keep it inside dogs like to run around, chase things, chew on things, ect not many of them like walking around on carpet or wood and only seeing the inside of a house all day without much room to run around I would say its the spoilt ones that always live inside that are being abused more because there owners are trying to change them and youve got kenels for them anyway there fine outside, and there safe there too

Answer #14

Yeah we pulled cats and dogs out of condo’s before we domesticated them. Thought everyone knew that.

Answer #15

Yeah its fine you have given enough reasons for me to say so, no cruelty what so ever being shown there :)

Answer #16

not if they’ve done something really wrong or if they just love the outdoors. my dog always begged to go out just so she could lay in the sun.

Answer #17

I don’t think it’s wrong at all. I have an Alsation, and I live in England. She hates to sleep inside, she has fresh water all the time, I take her for walks everyday, and if I don’t have time for walking her, I at least play with her in the garden for at least an hour. As I said, she hates sleeping inside, she doesn’t even want to come inside as she’s too warm, especially now when the temperature gets pretty high. People that say it’s wrong, are wrong, because outside is dog’s natural environment.

Answer #18

because I love animals…and all of them (except for the alsation) were animals that no one else wanted…

Plus my dog allergies are relatively under control…cats however I get astma attacks when around them. But mainly I have them cause I love them…

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