How can they be so cruel?

My old puppy “Macy” (my name is Chelsea) got sick from the disease Parvovirus. Some of you may know of it some may not. But anyways, she was about 8 weeks when we go her. She got sick toward the end of July, with bloody diarhea and she was puking. (About this time she is 10 weeks) We took her up to the animal hospital and they diagnosed her with parvovirus. We asked if they thought she would make it. They said it could go either way… I was devatated because I loved her like she was my baby. And so they said that they would keep her and give her treatments for it and let us know each day how she was doing. The night before we took her up there, my mom was sleeping upstairs and Macy was downstairs lying down by me. All of a sudden she started puking. I cleaned it up and after while she was fine and I put her in her kennel for the night to go to sleep, and about 15 minutes later when I was upstairs I heard her barking and whinning. So I go down stairs to see if she is okay and well she had blood and diarhea in her kennel. So I put her outside on the leash, take the kennel and her blanket that was inside it and I take out to the other side of the house clean it up with lots of soap and then I go and get her and wash her butt off since she had some on herself and all that and I took her in the house and put two towel on her and held her in my arms for a long time until I thought she was warm and okay to go to sleep. So I put her back in her kennel (clean) and give her a kiss on the head and go upstairs. The next day I wasn’t up yet and my mom just took her to the vet because she didin’t know they would keep her and well that was the last time I saw her. A few days later they kept calling and saying she was resting and took a few sips of water and that was it. She didn’t eat for days because they lose their appetite. Well, the next day they called and said she probably wouldn’t make it she was now puking up blood. I cryed that WHOLE night and prayed to god to let her live. Well in the morning they called and said she died at 8:00 last night. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried I felt so guilty. I felt like she thought we didn’t care about her and just left her there. I felt horrible. I think about her all the time. She is even my default pic on myspace. I think about her when I go to sleep and during the day when I see her picture on my wall. I feel like she was cheated out of life I guess. I know everything has a purpose but I always quetion why she was taken so soon. I wrote all of this to let you know how much I went through. That day my mom called back and asked when we could go pick up her body so we could bring her home and at least bury her in our back yard where she belongs with us. They said whenever as long as we pay an extra $50. My mom didn’t have an extra 50 bucks. We paid A LOT OF MONEY just to get her some help and to be at the hospital to get better. My mom told me we couldn’t bring her home. The other choices were to let them use her body for testing I said Noo! Then she said she could be creamated with some other puppeis that died and I still felt horrible. I just sat there and said that’s not fair! Why can’t I just have my dog! It’s not like she’s any use to us anymore anyway! That’s so cruel, why can’t we just have her back? I didn’t understand. I just cried and sad I guess we’ll have to let them keep her and have her be creamated. I was so sad, all I could do was cry. My question is: Why would we have to pay another 50 bucks just to get our dogs dead body back!? That is so cruel and I think they were just being greedy. How could they do something like that? What do you think? Do you think they were kust being greedy with money or what? Thanks for your time. I know I wrote a lot but I’m sure there are other peoiple that write a lot. Thanks again. <3

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I lost a whole litter to Parvo once had one pup survive and her growth was stunted. parvo can last a long time in the environment, perhaps as long as 9 months or longer. burying the pup in your year would actually make a hazzard for other dogs. You should spray your yard where the pup was and where you cleaned the cage real well with clorine bleach. . You should read this page carefully before another waging tail shows up. .

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I bet he is a lively little bundle. . . .Good cross too. . . Lord help the mailman when he get older. . . .

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Actually we have another puppy now. His name is Jay. He is a cockapoo. And he is about 12 weeks old I think. ? But We don’t take him outside in the backyard where she was. We take him to the front yard and we cleaned the kennel with bleach before we got him and we are so paranoid that we just let him sleep by us instead of in the kennel. The backyard. We are not sure of each place she used the bathroom, but we tried to clean up a bit and stuff. We already took him to the vet about 3 weeks ago because he was feeling under the weather and we wanted to take him ASAP so that if he had it they could try and catch it as early as possible and we took him that very day. We told the vet about Macy and parvo and she understood. We asked her to test for parvo and she did and he was negative. So he ended up just having a bit of the flu. We are very careful about everything with him now. Thanks.

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Those people are A-holes!!!

I know what it’s like to lose a pet, but never one that young. This story really touched me though, because for my fifteenth birthday (july 3rd) I got a kitten named Macie! I got her half price though, because she had a cold, and nobody wants a sick kitten…except for me! I took her in, gave her the nasty cold medicine from the vet everyday, and now she’s fine. I know what you mean, about how Macy was your baby. Because my kitten is MY baby. And if something bad were to happen to her…

I just hope that you will be okay! It’s not fair that Macy had to die so early in life! Where’s the justice?

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Thank you guys for understanding. It is hard to deal with that and especially because I just didn’t expect it. Thank you again.

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i am sooo sorrry to hear about your dog. my dog was put to sleep this summer 2 because she could no longer walk or eat. Im not sure nut i think thats illegal to hold a body 4 money. dont trust that htough im not old enpugh 2 know. i think they might want miney htough because they held her there 4 a while and she could have been holding up anothere dogs space but im really not sure. Its hard 2 let go of wat u love believe me. i still hav my dogs cremaees on my mantel and i kisss the container every night i miss her 2 hell and back. Life is never fair but i guessthats just the way it is. I guess ones birth is anothers death. I really am sorry about ur dog i know u were a gr8 friend 2 her judging by what youv said aboout her. if theres anything i can do or say, id be glad 2. email me back if u wish

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oops, i’m sorry! the picture uploaded earlyer was the one my little brother messed with…I’m sorry again

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Haha, he is a friendly little thing that’s for sure…

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