How much do insurance companies like Safe Auto cost?

Answer #1

What do you mean? Do you mean how much do they cost to buy? How much are the insurance premiums? And if the latter what type of insurance are you looking for? Generally though for a quote you’ll need to go on their websites and fill in a form as they vary significantly from one to the other.

Answer #2

mostly a plan with everything

Answer #3

You’ll have to ask for a quote from them. They are (sometimes unfortunately) extremely helpful. Also quotes will be more expensive if you are under 25 years of age and will also depend on your risk profile which they will asess

Answer #4

The cost of auto insurance varies due to many factors- your age, driving record, type of car, the coverage you get and the insurace company you go to. You are always best to call several insurance companies and get quotes so you get the best price. Here in Canada , people pay as little as $50 a month to as high as several hundred.

Answer #5

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