How much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive?

I’d like to know how much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive? The other day I saw this one parked out side a hotel - amazing looking car. I’m curious, are these the most expensive brand of cars?

Answer #1

Oh yes. $300,000 is not that much at all. Average is about $328,000-$400,000. They are rather pricey. I am sure you could find a used/totaled one for a lot less.

Answer #2

HI Steve, A few years back a Rolls was in the $250,000 range. Prob more now. The Rolls people claim they are a very cheap car. Reason…..One car will last you a lifetime because they are extremely well made. Compare that to our custom of buying junk products with the obsolesence factor as well and we will spend more money on cars in a lifetime than a stuffy old Englishman does on his Rolls. However, the human factor kicks in and, as you say after one year you are bored and want something different, How would you feel after 20 yrs. with the same wheels? Also in the farming industry guys will trade off perfectly good $1/4 mil. tractors just because their neighbour has done the same. Many of them go bankrupt as a result of this little game. A heavy debt load then a poor crop and the whole thing goes south. My mother used to say “ You just want to copy the Jonses”. My reply was that no, I wanted to be the Jonses. So I did that for many years. Had a lot of difficulties as a result but it was a challenge and a lot of fun. I survived but have very few friends. The people who didn’t have the balls to take the chances I did are very jealous now when I have survived. Getting a long way from cars but take my thoughts for what they are worth. Colt

Answer #3

typically they run from $350,000 to around $425,000. they are not the most expensive, give there are some super cars like the buggati veyron (2.3mil) koenigsegg ccx (around 800,000), and the Ferrari enzo (1.4m). Even in the luxury world of cars, the Maybach offers models whit a base price at 415,000. But there is no doubt, Rolls Royce makes the best cars, even if there are cars more expencive, a Rolls is the highest standard of quality and totally worth the money.

Answer #4

Ah, good ol’ Rolls Royce. They really aren’t that expensive. They are about the same price on average as most used Toyotas for a brand new Rolls. In fact I know a guy that could sell you one right now. You just need to come up with a VIN number for it and a new driver side window to replace the one that the brick broke. Porsche’s, Audi’s, and Bentley’s are also really cheap. I love the Bay Area.

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