are 1998 dodge caravans junk?

my friend had one and she said it was a piece of crap. just wondering:)

Answer #1

The vehicle itself is not a piece of junk. It all depends on who owned it, if they took care of the vehicle, how many miles are on it, etc. Its a good vehicle if its been taken care of and maintained properly.

Answer #2

There not junk, but in this year the transmission in it has a small plastic gear style servo. Its supposed to hold pressure in the transmission. They wear out, obviously its plastic. But if the maintenance is regularly done on it, there shouldnt be a problem!

Answer #3

Well if you look at their reliability ratings in Consumer Reports Magazines and Books, you’ll see that the Caravan has never ever had a good reputation, no matter what year.

Mandyloo’s answer: I agree with that to a point. See, If what you start with is low quality to begin with, all the care in the world won’t make it last forever. Caravans are low-quality.

I saw in another question I answered today that you have a Honda; you could slack off on the maintenance and it would last as long as a well taken care of Caravan.

I would feel confident to answer that yes the 1998 and any other year for that matter Dodge Caravan is junk.

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