How do you ignore annoying disrespectful kids that are always bullying you in class?

Answer #1

Tell them to kindly shut the f*ck up.

Answer #2

I see this nearly everyday in my school and the bullies just make the other kids lives a misery. Unfortunately, there are some very cruel people in the world and they just enjoy making people unhappy. And your probably going to get someone to hate or criticise you everywhere you go but that’s just life. Personally, I think it’s just a matter of figuring out, how you can deal with it yourself and how you want to stop it. This could mean, you have other friends who help you forget them or if not then just tell someone about it, this means you will be a ‘grass’ and will probably get knocked for doing this as well, but if you don’t stop them, they will only keep on making you unhappy and depressed. You can just ignore them and show them your not bothered or just answer them back which may make things a hundred times worse. If you ignore them, then they will get fed up of it and move onto some other unfortunate person. And by doing this, you can just hold your head high and show them their not going to bring you down. One thing I learned the hard way is, if you do not appreciate yourself then nobody else will do it for you. Good luck x

Answer #3

bullies only bully if u let them… well, thats my experience. fight back once and they won’t ever bully u . But don’t lose the fight!!! fighting back with words works too.

Answer #4

lol ,,,, I’m trying to stay out of trouble but nice ..

Answer #5

okkkkk …

Answer #6

thank you thank you .. but its hard when there constantly doing it and im going to try to ignore them more harder instead of fliping out and walking out of the class room thanks (:

Answer #7

If your nice then their not gonna respect you.

Answer #8

Your welcome and I know what you mean though, I have had it as well. Just remember if you walk out of class, your only getting yourself into trouble and your missing out on your learning whereas if you show them they do not bother you then they will stop. Although you may be crying inside, do not show them that as they will notice their winning and then they will never stop. Find your own way of dealing with things and it will get better :D

Answer #9

And remember, as cruel as it is to say this, fighting is never fair. What I mean by that is fight as dirty as possible, pull hair, kick privates, poke eyes, throw dirt in the face. It sounds bad, I know, but my experience is that if you don’t fight dirty then your opponent will and you’ll lose. Only fight out of self-defense though.

Answer #10

Do they also bully other kids in your class? If so, team up. Talk to the other victims - even if you don’t like them - and make an agreement, a bargain. You defend them, they defend you. The more people you find, the better. If a bully comes along and says mean things, fire back from all directions.

Like “Ben, you’re being pathetic. Don’t you have anything better to do?” “Hey, Ben, what are you trying to compensate?” “Ben, no one here is interested in your grandiloquence!” “Hey Ben, all alone today? Where’s your backup mob?” “Ben you’re being rude! Leave him/her alone.”

You do that to a bully once or twice, they usually shut up forever. They only bully weaker folks. They stop immediately when they see that the other person has got someone who will stand up for them.

Answer #11

bullies only pick on people that they feel they can push around u need to beat that bullies ass once u will see a difference dont worry bout the friends they scared of him so why will they defend him lol trust me

Answer #12

Your righthanks(:

Answer #13

Lol k thanks

Answer #14

yeah, totally agree. also use whatever is around. smash head on the window, use a chair or a guitar whatever is around. i once used a lock wrapped in towel no joke. My situation forced me to lol.

Answer #15

ignore their existance, otherwise just tell them you dont talk to pathetic little kids and you have better things to do with your life/time

Answer #16

I can relate to this. i had some people that i thought were my freinds but they would bully me at football practice saying i am not good at all, then it went to them beating me up in the locker room. after about a year or so of this i decide i did not want this to continue so i stood up to them on the field and tackled him and when hitting him i was yelling what he did to meso that people knew why i was hitting him and what he had done to me. that is what i did. If you want a less violent way talk to your principle, parents, anyone you can trust that is a adult. I am so sorry that you are being bullied as a victim of it i know what you are going threw and you have my deepest and most sympthy!! :) please talk to someone and get help so that you wont be bullied anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #17

alright thank you :)

Answer #18

thanks but no they don’t bully other people theres like 20 students in the whole regular ed floor in special ed upstairs is the only place im not bullied but still im not allowed up there plus i dont know those people like that but thanks anyways :)

Answer #19

thank you :)

Answer #20

no your right they wont respect me but they will get even more angriere and they wont get the satisfaction plus i cant afford to get introuble right now lol _-

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