I would absolutely love to visit America!

I am in love with it I’ve never been there but im just so fascinated about it I live in the uk in manchester and im 16 I want to go so badly but does anyone know when would be the cheapest time to visit? or the best times any advice as im in the middle pf persuading my mum! I would love to visit all over california,New york,Florida mostly,wheres the best place for the first time??

thanks!! x

Answer #1

really there is no best time to come… with places prices riseing and falling at diff rates and gas prices it will be expensive either way. I looove new york. it is my home! you got to visit everything there.

Answer #2

it depends on what exactly you want to do. I’ve been to all of t he above places plus a lot more and they are all very different.

New York has great food, shopping and theatres. Plus there are so many people from all over the world, it is pretty interesting. I’ve been to NY at least 30 times and my favorite time to go is in the winter at Christmas time. It is all lit up and all the decorations are out in Manhattan. In the summer it is humid and you can smell the stench of the city and some people when walking the streets. I hate going there in the summer.

California is good for basically celebrity sightings or if you are 21, the wineries (northern CA) and the beach. I really enjoy the National Parks and going to Tahoe, it is very relaxing.

Florida is good for the beach and cultural foods (yummy Cuban food). Yes it is the party time area. Plus there is Disneyworld and that is pretty cool.

So all three are very different. You could maximize your trip and go to a bunch of places on your one trip. In that case I would recommend going to New York and then you aren’t that far from a bunch of other states and cities where you could do a lot. It is probably a good time to do a vacation like that in the Fall so it isn’t too hot!

Answer #3

Hey, first wait until your 18. This country is crazy. On television it’s all glamor and partying. Everybody is on dope, and acts like their not. Are election of president Bush speaks for itself.

Answer #4

if you like “partying” go to florida in march/april . That is our “spring break” . go to panama city .

I live in georgia . I love it .

california , go to laguna beach , BEAUTIFUL . . .

New york - go to brooklynn . there hot dogs are amazing !

fun mail me .

Answer #5

ahahaha… I really have no clue either… cause I live in canada… and tho it’s close the the sates, I’ve only been to buffalo for shopping… and new york, once, to visit relatives, but I was real young!! but I’ve always wanted to go to florida (disneyland), hawaii, or miami =)… anywhere tropical would be nice this time of year!!

Answer #6

I have a seat on the Tennyson Indiana Tourism Board and would be willing to offer you a voucher worth up to 25% off all local expenditures if you would like. Trying to get the industry off the ground. We are conveniently located within driving proximity of French Lick, home of NBA great Larry Bird. Other notable attractions are the Tennyson Indiana Nuclear power plant, completed with only a quarter of the resources allotted to other cities in the 1970’s… and down the road is “Farmer Dale Kendry’s Barnloads of Oddities and Attractions”… oddly enough open around the same time. Be sure to take home a momento… he seems to have an unending supply.

Seriously… If you visit Florida… visit the gulf coast. It is a beautiful manifestation of nature.

Answer #7

I live in los angeles, california…the best time to be here is in late fall. not too hot, no chance of rain, just perfect weather for 3 weeks in any direction. you can do the hollywood thing…that’s lots of fun. disneyland, universal studios, six flags, knott’s berry farm, if you want to go the theme park route. sea world if you go down south a bit. the ocean is way warm in the fall, so the beach is fun. I would imagine august/september would be the best time to travel to any part of america. summer rates are more expensive than fall rates. find out when the change occurs, and go then. have fun…I love it here. live the dream.

Answer #8

If you like the outdoors Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is a tourist attracting for a reason. It is simply amazing!

Oh, and don’t go to Indiana. I drove through there once and all I saw was corn :) No Larry Bird sightings.

Answer #9

I recommend the Florida Keys. Beautiful islands, any time of year.

Answer #10

thanks a lot!!! :)

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