Where would you all like to go for a dream vacation?

Where would you all like to go for a dream vacation? For me, it’s Las Vegas to visit and go to the temple there. Or Hawaii. I even want to explore Ireland but, I know that’s a dream. What’s yours? Feel free to share.

Answer #1

round the world 50 stops including new york, las vegas, hawaii, bora bora,bali, thailand venice, rome, prague, I love malaga in southern spain and id go to cannes in france then a stop in amsterdam and another 38 stops in between them and the its back to old sunny manchester england to plan another journey to all the paces I missed out

Answer #2

I love the paradise scene so def. cancun. I’ve been there twice before and LOOOVE it :) or italy since I have family there

Answer #3

The US might be boring to you but its not for someone who’s never been there lol.

Answer #4

united states are boring and we are an economic mess but hawaii is pretty sweet

Answer #5

that seems wonderful I love marie antoinette <3

Answer #6

haha I live in Hawaii I hate it but I think it would be pretty kwl to go to London Hawaii is not paradise like you think

Answer #7

For a total dream, I’d rent out Versailles for a year and live there with all the old historical stuff from the Marie Antoinette days I love Marie Antoinette and feel bad for all the lies people here so France+palace+Marie Antoinette= absolute dream.

Answer #8

I would go to Australia. I’ve always wanted to see a real kangaroo. plus, I love the accent. maybe I could learn to surf, too. there’s a lot of cool stuff there; I’d go for a month!

Answer #9

I’d love to go to the US or Canada..cause im from Australia soo ya lol! but im going for a holiday to Tasmania here in Australia =] yay can’t wait. :)

Answer #10

I would love to go to japan <3

Answer #11

Amsterdam because I love to smoke weed K.S, Tulsa, OKlahoma

Answer #12

Austrilia or Africa :) x

Answer #13


Answer #14

ohh wow I always wanted to visit austrailia !! =0

Answer #15

Spain of course. It is the most beautiful destination that I have ever enjoyed. Mine whole trip was fabulous and this was all because of holidayclick.co.uk that has arranged my all inclusive holiday to Spain.

Answer #16

Itlay or Africa

Answer #17

probably id like to go to Jamaica?yup

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