Where would you like to live and what's your dream vacation spot?

I would love to live in Canada, visit the UK/Ireland to see how they’re like. I don’t think I’d move across the ocean, but it’s still a possible option. As for dream vacation…ahh I don’t know maybe El Salvador, Puerto Rico, India, Russia, possibly Australia .

Answer #1

l love to live in China,cause there have many food, beatiful landscape, as for dream vacation maybe Australia ,Canda ,UK and hawaii.

Answer #2

Love to live in Maui , favorite vacation spot hmm sorry many good ones Maybe, Italy

Answer #3

I would live in Bali. Dream Vacation sport is Tokyo :)

Answer #4

I would like to live right here in Australia and never leave :D. I live at the foot of the Sydney CBD, so maybe somewhere a little quieter would be good… Like Newcastle (NSW), lol.

Answer #5

Well, i haven’t been many places, but from what i’ve heard: Hawaii, Alaska, Carribean Islands, all those wonderful beaches.

Answer #6

As for my vacation spot… I love my state too much to want to leave it and so I suppose places like Newcastle, Kiama, and so on. I’m really boring in this way, lol.

Answer #7

i want to go to hawii for a vacation. i would absolutly love to live in germany.

Answer #8

I agree with yummeh, I’d like to stay right here. Maybe a different city but I love Aus and I’d never live anywhere else. As for vacation… Ireland, Hawaii or Italy.

Answer #9

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Answer #10

Anywhere except America

Answer #11

Live here lol and vacation in New Zealand.

Answer #12

I would want that house in Alaska. Live in Alaska. Or rhode island

Answer #13

NEW YOURRKKK :) & hawaii <3

Answer #14

York* lol

Answer #15

i do not mind where i live as long as it is in america and there is public transportation lol so staying in new york i guess. if i am single with friends i would like to go to ireland truly but britain and australia too since i have friends there … australia is warmer and i can go to the beach there sooo ;3

Answer #16

In America, northwest. Washington, Oregon, that area. Outside of America, south america. i love the beauty of latin america, and my wife will be brown.

Answer #17

Around a mountain A river Live in a comfortable small mountain village A lovely dog And loved ones together and slowly old Far away from the city Away from the noisy

Answer #18

I would love to go back to Pasadena, California, becuz of the Santa Monica Pier, it was really great participating in the Rose Bowl Parade and my dream vacacion would have to be Puerto Rico, i heard the beaches r beautiful, and spanish is a wonderful language

Answer #19

i want to live in either in ausralia or the uk [: vacation spot would be hawaii

Answer #20

Haha, I live in the UK (England) and to be honest its pretty boring:L

I’d love to visit Barbados, Egypt, Rome or America one day!

Answer #21

I’m actually happy where I live now, right in the US. Maybe move to a different state? But I don’t think I’d want to live overseas. For a vacation spot, I have so many: France, Italy, and Japan are just a few. :)

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