Which country would you like to visit?

If you could travel to one country.(either have or haven’t been)… Which one will you choose???And why?

Just curious^^

Answer #1

Depends…I went to Australia a few years ago and absolutely loved it. But if I had to choose somewhere that I haven’t already been to, I would have a hard time choosing between Turkey and Georgia.

Answer #2

the whole world not just ONE COUNTRY!! why??? cause I’d love to see how everyone out there are like! how they dress, and I want to see other places, not just live in a box and wish I could go to ONE country!

Answer #3

Australia. My brother went there and he said the people were so hospitable. They talk to you on buses and other places and invite you over to their home for dinner even if you’re a stranger. I love the scenery too.

Answer #4

this is tough…been to about 25 countries so far so maybe a country I have not yet visited…or even an old one to revisit some good friends :)

Answer #5

I would go back to Israel!! I went there last summer after my Bat Mitzvah, and it is just such an indescribably wonderful place!!! Because I am Jewish, I feel safe and at home there which I don’t really feel in other countries. Everyone is so nice and hospitable, I would be back there in a heartbeat if I could!!! However, we are planning a trip to some cool places over my spring and summer breaks like Mexico, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania! It should be really cool!!! I’ve already been to lots of other places like England, Italy, France, Greece, Carribean, Canada and the Czech Republic, and they are all wonderful places to visit!!!

Answer #6

everywhere but if I had to chose one, it’d be either India or Italy

Answer #7


Answer #8

I’d like to try Peru. I find the Inca architecture and civilisation fascinating.

Answer #9

Australia, Someday I hope to visit!

Answer #10

Definately Italy! I wonder what little treasures I would bring back with me!

Answer #11

I believe I would like to visit France.

Answer #12


Answer #13

I would love to go to Italy (hopefully next yr to see some friends in Parma), Croatia and I am interested in doing some volunteer work with children in South America.

Answer #14


Answer #15

somewhere in japan or china

Answer #16

My son says he’d like to go to Egypt.

Answer #17

I would love to go to ireland. its my fav place!!!

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