I want to move out of Wisconsin!!!

I’m Kayla im 13 years old! I want to move out of Wisconsin but my mom doesn’t think it is a good idea, but I really want to! there is really no reason but im just craving to start a new life!! there is nothing to do here either!!! how to I pursued my mom to let us move??? please help me!!! I want ideas where to move and how to convince my mom to let us!!!

Answer #1

I don’t know

Answer #2

wow hun you needa slow down, dont be so ready to start a new life when you just started this one… im 19 and im barly getting out my state… be patient you have a long life ahead of you to make changes and start new things the best things are worth waiting for dont be in such a rush to see the world youll see it soon enough…

Answer #3

I left wisconsin a couple of times- and oddly enough I came back, the other states just didn’t compare with what I have here.

when I was in louisiana- I missed the snow, I missed fall, I missed the northern lights and ice fishing- I missed snowmobiling- and that clean fresh smell that comes in the summer time, when we have snow- but it is getting warmer.

if you look around a little more you should find plenty of things to do in this state. remember- with warm weather comes BUGS- cockroaches, spiders, SNAKES, so there will be a trade off for leaving our cold climate , never mind the fact that in the ehat you have to run the air conditioner, and if you do go outside you sweat like a pig because you are used to a much cooler climate. humidity is also a beast in the warmer states- and I noticed I was actually doing less when I lived in louisiana than what I did here in wisconsin.

I love louisiana- it is my birth state- but I am a ‘north man’ and always will be.

hopefully you will decide to stay here in wisconsin- and find things you will enjoy doing.

Answer #4

ik what you mean with that there is nothin to do here. im from wisconsin to but I dot want to move. im 13 and im just starting to actualy live my life. I would nv want to leave my friends. and family. I love it here. we have the dells. and the wonderful up north. I live in southeastren wisonsin and theres nothin down here but still all I need to make a place fun is my friends. so thats what you need is to start living more and get together with your friends more

Answer #5

hah..I live in wisonsin too!!!..and ya..I also hate it :).. but I really don’t know what to tell ya..I think the best shot you have to getting out of here is when your 18 and you go to college some where else…

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