I want to move to ireland within the next few months, tips?

My husband and I want to move to ireland within the next few months and we have 2 kids, a 7 year old and a baby. Where is a good place to move that we can rely on public transportation and where my hubby can work. He’s willing to do any work he can that can support us. we would love to live somewhere with some nice scenary (I hear that is anywhere over there). can you help???

Answer #1

Thanks, we were thinking of moving into the countryside. Cork look wonderful but I hear it is very expensive. I know tourism wise that is a hot spot, but we want to go to Ireland to get away from Americans. No offense to my people but they can be pretty loud, arrogant and downright rude. We want a simplier life around family oriented people. The Irish have always seemed to be so friendly and so eager to do what’s best for their children. Unfortunately here in America many people care more about work, prestige and money. That’s why our children are shooting each other and doing endless amounts of drugs. I really hope that by moving our kids will have a better life.

As for the accents, I think no matter where we go over there everyone will sound beautiful!

Answer #2

Yeah there is really nice scenery pretty much everywhere. In general though, areas with the nicest scenery dont have the best public transport. Then again public transport anywhere over here is going to seem an awfull lot more relaxed than in the states :) but you get used to it lol. The best public transport is in Dublin but the only scenery there is the same as any sprawling city. and the best views are Kerry, Clare, Galway, Mayo, well everywhere really :) At the moment the celtic tiger economy is not too good. I would try to have something lined up in the way of work before you move, just to be on the safe side. Good luck to you and yours.

Go n’eirigh an bóthar leat :)

Answer #3

Well personally I would try for any part of the countryside first. But if work demands it and you have to go to a city I recommend Cork. Woefull accent lol but wickid sound people.

Answer #4

Thanks! That we are trying to locate work ahead of time. Any places we should try?

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