I am 15 and I want to move to the UK

Ok, so I am 15 and I want to move to the UK. I think that country is AMAZING! Is so pretty and ok well I can go on and on. I was wondering if there is anyone from there that could help me. I just need to know how it is there. I am also trying to convince my mom to let me go there for my 16th b-day. She said flat out no. I am dying though..I want to go to medical school here brofre I go there. So I am thinking I will be about 23-24 before I go there…sooo if anyone can tell me what it like there I will be happy!!

Answer #1

haha I sooo wann move to America … yy england??

Answer #2

cant reply 2 your message shawny cus you only accept funmail from friends :p

erm… yeah we drive on the left and our steering wheel is on the right

its more expensive 2 live in london than it is new york

I herd the films kidulthood and adulthood are spose to be very true accounts of the london youth of today :S

when england are playing you will find everysingle male in the boozer getting a lil too tipsy than their missus would like

football violence has calmed down a lot since I was a kid but theres still the few that end up being arrested and giving english football fans a bad name

dont mention england vs argentina 1986 and maradonas hand of god unless you want 2b bored 2 death like I have sooo many times

you might hear stuff like arse over kettle which just means I fell over

cockney rhyming slang is wicked if your a cockney lol I dont understand it but why would I im a brummie and no1 understands me :( lmao

we love a gd curry with a largar, well 10 pints then off to bed to fart and get moaned at by the missus <— can you belive the BBC made a documentary about that

Answer #3

haha love the above comment :)

I live in the UK also!!

I am from the North West, not Liverpool so I’m not a scouser but I live across the water from there.. so we are the posh side as some call it! however Liverpool has some good sides to it depending on where you live… couldnt tell you the best place to live as I dont live over there…!! but the town is alive..its huge. and night life comes alive…

the only down side about nightlife is that there are fights now and again but that happens in a lot of places after you’ve had a drink!

London is quite expensive so I’ve heard!

Newcastle is a lovely place but I’ve only been through there! love the geordie accent tho :)

umm yeah… thats all I can tell you I’m afraid!! do some research and see what else you can get and yeah… of course you have other peoples oppions too!!


Answer #4

Well I like in England woo (: If you do come, you shouldn’t go to rough areas, you should visit London as it’s awesome but not the rough places. London is quite expensive but its got some nice things like the Houses of Parliament, London eye, Buckingham palace and more. The people are nice unless you have a go at them, but there are some gobby chavvy people too but most are nice I rarely come across mean people unless its people in my school but yeah theyre cool anyways. Yeah the petrol prices are annoying haha but theyre ok I guess. umm you can ask me what you want to know (: x

Answer #5

depends which town/city you want to move 2

I live in Birmingham (we are known as brummies to teh rest of the UK) and brum was 1st choice for teh capital of england… London only won cus the cocknies had a dock

docks are smelly with all the dead fish lol

our petrol prices are a joke… its like over 5 quid for a gallon— we dont use gallons anymore we use litres yet every1 still says oh whats your cars MPG

we refer to bums as an arse not an @ss lol

we drive on the correct side of the road ahahha

prince charles is a ugly bastard

the real beauty is scotland ;)

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