Want to move to america only 17

I am thinking of moving to america.. But im only 17 How can I do this???

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I am 18 and I also want to move to america, I really dont know what to do. I dont have family there but I want to do repeat my senior year in america and move on to university there. Is that possible

Any help or direction would be wonderful thanks

I'm thinking if this is not possible I'll just move there and get a job :S

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I've checked... And I cant fidn anything... Like I dotn know what to look for or anything I just wanan go :(

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I have family over there... And am intrested in studying but would I stil have to pay???

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before you more you should go on vacation here or be a foreign exchange student and see how you like it (if you haven't already been here). good luck!

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You'll need money, lots of money to rent a place out, you will need to organise a job before you go and also if your interested an education course.

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Am not too sure, I dont know I think you have to pay for a college course or Uni course if you want to go on one, your best bet would be to google it and check it out yourself :) but one thing I do know is health care isnt free like England, you'll have to pay for it but on the plus side less taxes :) lol

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Hmm, well you say you have family over there couldnt you not ring them and ask them to look for you and get them to tell you what its like and what you'll need to get and all that??

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Tuition in the US costs double for foreign students... and you have to have very good marks to enter any college if you are not American.

You can visit for 5 months without any hassle, so maybe you should do that first, see if you really like it, then look for a nice young American to get married to, lol. That will speed up your entry legally into the US by about 12 years. Thats the time it takes for you to become a permanent resident, right now.

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