Is it so hard to be a teen Mom?

im 15 about to be 16 and I might be pregnant what do? I do know if I am me and my boyfriend are go keep the baby… is it really as hard as people say? any teen mothers out there that can help me please

Answer #1

Obviously its hard to raise a child. People aren’t just making it up for something to do. You need to take a pregnancy test when your expected period comes.

Answer #2

I believe its hard but everything makes it worth it.

When the baby holds onto your finger, or when you feed it and you feel how strong the bond is.

Sure, its annoynig when they cry and cry and cry but that stage doesnt last to long and you can get through it.

GOODLUCK, if you need any advice, email me.

Answer #3

it is hard to raise a baby and especially at that age you have to balance school and work and the baby so that it does not get you too stressed out. it will be a challenge there is no questioning that. and I am glad to hear that your boyfriend is staying with you “some guys just leave the baby and the mother because they don’t want to have a kid but you know what he made the decision to have sex with you ad he has to share the work with the mother don’t you agree.”( I am not talking about you and your boyfriend between the qoutations just saying somethings I relate too). and CAS (childrens aid society) will probably be called and they will take your baby because of your age, but you can say they are not taking it you have the father and the baby and grand parents to help out so. I guess I typed a little too much again I always out do it some how but anyways I hope I helped you out with what you are going to face in the oncoming events. remember do not let CAS take your baby you have a choice about that. anyways congratulations on the oncoming baby and good luck. =)

Answer #4

omg.. its so hard for some people its going to be hard raising your child if you really dont know what you are doing.. im 17 going to be 18 and I take care of a two year old and its so much work to take care of them.. I could never have a kid at my age I would go nuts.. you have to make sure your up when they are crying… well if your pregnant and you keep your baby good luckk.. its so much work..

Answer #5

Welll think of it this way its not just a baby its a nothing human being whos life and views and actions revolve around you ,,, if your not pregnant I really advice you to stop fooling around wit your boy friends because your taking a chance to ruin another person life (in this case your own kids)

im not saying your a horrible person or that you will do bad its just that the longer you live the wiser you r because if you were wise you wudnt be doing what you are doing and with life you learn things that help you to become a good parent and being a teen parent you dont get that for your own child

Answer #6

yes it is difficult then people say.u have to get up 3 or 4 times a night feed the baby and then the dipper changing!!errr but if you realy are deticated then I would do it for sure and it coast money.

Answer #7

hey I can sit here a say a lot of things to you but I have never actually been there… I admire that you are going to keep the baby and arent even thinking about abortion… any yound people today like to do the act but do not want to take the consequences… well I am going to let you talk to someone that has been where you are… if you look on my page she left a comment and her user name is something along the lines of mamatobe…

Answer #8

You need to take a pregnancy test. You don’t have to be 18 or anything like that to get one. They have them at the dollar tree that work just as good. If it comes up positive talk to your parents, but if you don’t want to do that, go to your family doctor. Also, there is a place called” elizaveth’s New Life Center” They will give you a free prenancy test and lots of stuff to read about babies and how to have a healthy prenancy .

Answer #9

Take a pregnancy test and tell your parents right away. I am 16 and pregnant. My friend just had a baby and she said its hard, only because you have to stay up all day and night. She did have to stop going to high school, but now she goes to online high school so she can be with her baby and finish school. Another one of my friends had a baby and she said its just like watching a dog..? Ha I didnt get it but Im guessing its because they cry and you dont know what their crying about and they are up when they want and down when they want. Don’t stress yourself out though, it can make you miss your period! Goodluck. Let me know what happens!

Hope I helped, xoxo :)

Answer #10

If you’re a patient person it’s really NOT as difficult as people say it is !! I’m 17 && had my baby back in October && I love every second of it ! I was like “WHY do people think this is SO hard..?” cause it’s really not – you pretty much just have to feed them every 3-4 hours && the first month or 2 the sleep all the time so it’s not bad! (= && its worth every second of it because once they hit about 3 months && they start smiling it makes everything seem SO worth it!! You just have to get used to not sleeping as much as you usually would, && well if your family supports you then you’ll be just fine hun! (= && STAY IN SCHOOL if you are – it’s so important ! I didn’t && I regret EVERY second of it !!.. Good luck hun ! (=

Answer #11

it is semi hard to be a teen mom. but kids are the greatest thing in the world. the lack of sleep sucks but other than that its pretty good

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