Who can suggest some cars to me?

Yeah, I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right cars. So I need help. I’ve been looking at cars like: Acura Integra RS, Nissan 300XZ, Hyundai Tiburon, Toyota Celica, Mazda Mx5, and maybe Honda Prelude. I’m looking for something that doesn’t cost too much, is easy to maintain, looks good, and is good on fuel. :D Thanks in advance.

Answer #1

get a nissan my step-dad has that car

Answer #2

W. R. X.

Answer #3

what about the nissan skyline or a VL commodore… if I think of more I will tell u… it also depends on your price range

Answer #4

All of the above fit except maybe Nissans for so-so reliability (dunno about older ones though). Subarus like the WRX are great too. I’d take Subaru/Mazda/Honda/Acura over Toyota/Hyundai. Those two are reliable & economical but otherwise kinda cheap. And while the MX5 is great, not every Mazda is reliable so double check other models.

Answer #5

deffinately the scion tc <3

Answer #6

get your parents to sit down with you and go over the best cars. look at the cost of insurance too. this website locates really cheap trucks and then refurbishes them. they’re still cheap once they are done too [link removed]

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