I have a crazy landlord!!!

My landlod goes in and out of my house almost once a week without asking for permission. The neighbors tell me they see him in there a lot and he says hes doing maintence work (which nothing needs to be done) and is in there for over hours at a time! Recently I told him I was moving out, I did not sign a lease and gave him 30 days notice. He did not like that. He called and left me a nasty message saying he was going to make me responsible? When I got off work I went to my house and I unlocked my doors and found that my house had been robbed! The funny thing is there was no forced entry and the doors were locked!!! I called a police and got a detective but I believe with all of my heart my landlord robbed me! Any advice?

Answer #1

once a tenant moves into a rental unit the landlord has no right to enter un-announced or without prior notification unless permission is granted in writing by the tenant , are you a female? if you are, then this means you have an infatuated landlord with an unhealthy way of thinking and the only thing that will actually help you would be statements from neighbors, you would need to actually spot any of your personals in his posession before taking legal action. he may have some of your underwear for trophies; this is definitely a guy thing , but without true evidence such as video you will be at a stand still since he is the landlord and can always fall back on the repairs issues. I f you decide to stay there you must change the locks, and add slide posts to your windows so nobody can slide them up upward. you would bedoing yurself a favor if yoiu just move what was lost is material don’t look back on that just go forward.

Answer #2

it is illegal from him to go in and out your house with out notifying you first. and do not ever live in a place with no lease without changing all the locks. the moment you knew he was comming in your house you should have called the cops and changed the locks. or packed up and left. bc there is no sign of forced entry he may get caught. ask the nieghbors if they saw anything and if so to report it to the police. you can take him to a small claims court but it cost time and money and you may loose.

Answer #3

hes crazy! I would just let the police handle it from here

Answer #4

You’ve done all you can. Unless you can prove without a doubt it was him, you’ll have to leave this in the hands of the police.

Answer #5

you should’ve went to the police right away. it’s illegal for him to enter your apartment even for maintance without permission.

Answer #6

Your Landlord is definitely crazy and sounds like a criminal at that. If you didn’t sign a lease and he’s coming in your house without permission, that’s elegal. If I were you, I would leave this up to the police. Have them do an investigation on your Landlord. Also, you can take him to court but, that might be costly.

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