Can the landlord come in my house without permission

Jw can the landlord come in my house without permission

Answer #1

He can enter without permission if it is an emergency (if he needs to access it for something such as a broken water pipe, problem with the heat, etc.) or if he has notified you that he is trying to sell the building, in which case he should give you some notice before coming to your home, but if you are not there to grant his access - he can enter.

Answer #2

No - even though he is the landlord he has to have your permission before he enters your house - unless you are getting evicted or have no paid your rent.

Answer #3

I am going through the same thing, a Landlord cannot come in when he wants too, mine came in yesterday at 02:30am I was sleeping and he went on my computer, I soon got him out, if your Landlord continues, go to your housing office or see a solicitor, or call the police on the emergency number.

Answer #4

in Florida, there is a minimum of 12 hours notice that a landlord must give a tenant unless:

  1. there is a true emergency
  2. tenant is away from property for an extended period of time (usually half of the lease so for a one year lease, gone for 6 months).
  3. with permission of tenant
  4. if tenant continually refuses landlord reasonable entry

anything else would be a breach of contract and in violation of the law.

Answer #5

only if there is prior notification or an emergency;, or you are not home and entry is of diar necessity per extreme repair, or you are home and entry is of diar necessity per life and death. you pay rent and are entitled to privacy, curtesy, and respect. the landlord has no right to wake or annoy you at in- appropriate hours, by renting to you he is running a business and must do so wtih ethics, and responsibility as any business should be run

Answer #6

yeah like the last person said. there has to be a reason for coming in and most times if they are doing things to your building or whatever type of place you live in they most times will give you notice that they will be coming in for whatever reason. And for emergencies they will come without you knowing at first but are suppose to leave you an invoice for the reason coming in. If he is coming in without either of the 2 things listed above then he should get in trouble. Just for example if you do live in apartments and management is coming in and they have no good reason coming in and they are not advising you of any issues or not leaving you invoices stating the reason of entry, you can call their corporate and report them. If you have a landlord that you are personally renting from then I would seek some legal advice.

Answer #7

he cannot come into your house without permission!

Answer #8

no he cannot, IF he isnt evicting you… if he is then I believe he can…

Answer #9

djay!!! OMG…No NO No NO! that is not acceptable. No MATTER WHAT may be going on between you. Seriously dont get bullied. Thats it plain and simple for you…he taking advantage and he should be and 110% positive you have grounds to have him arrested.

Answer #10

I have the same problem. He comes in all the time. I caught him 3X in one month. No it is not legal, but how do you get it to stop without moving?

Answer #11

How much notice does a landlord give before coming to your house?

Can a landlord enter the house without your permission?

Answer #12

Landlords aren’t supposed to come in your house unless of Emergencies, or he wants to evict you, or fixing things. Or, to tell you you haven’t paid your rent or something like that. If your landlord isn’t coming for any of the reasons, then no, he isn’t allowed to come in without your permission unless he has too.

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