Is my house haunted or am I just crazy?

I think that there is a “bad vibe” in my house. I know that some really bad stuff happened here before I moved in. I think that this place might be haunted. Can someone rest my mind assured or give me some ideas to help me feel better.

Answer #1

Your house isn’t “haunted” per say it is more of a Demon. It all depends on what it is doing though. It could be one or hundereds of different spirits in the house. You don’t have to move out though like every one tells you to do. If you know how to handle it you can get ride of “THEM”. If you know how to get ride of them it’s easy. but I’m aposolic pentacostle. So In my Belief you get holy oil and go around you house prayin to god and anointing EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE. You have to say in Jesus Name leave this house and you have to change your life all together. you can’t just say leave the house you have to start worshiping god. everything can be put into a spisitual sence if you have troubles with money or other stuff just pray to him and ask him to give it to you. But its easier to ask and ask and ask but you have to give him praise and he’ll give you stuff.

Answer #2

my hubby is jamaican and they burn their houses out. maybe you could try that. it’s just like something like a candle and it smokes the house and gets rid of bad vibes and stuff

Answer #3

Dont use a oiji board. People think they can help you but they open doors to more evil stuff. I agree you should smoke the house. My family uses sprigs of cedar. If you can, use an eagle feather to wave the smoke in a different rooms. Its like a renewing. You wont feel negged out anymore.

Answer #4

try doin de luigi board-you use it to talk to dead people.go in to each room in your house 2 see if any ghosts are livin with you!!gud luck.

Answer #5

Listen to music to get your mind of the whole haunted thing when you r alone.

Answer #6

Get a Bible and look in the back under what describes your problem. Open your bible to the scripture and leave it open to that page. If your page gets turned turn it back. Pray over your house in every room. They are demons and you must cast them out with the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus. If you have things in your house that shouldn’t be there Remove them. Books, movies, anything that isn’t acceptable to the lord get rid of it. And leave your bible open.

Answer #7

yeh your crazy lol just kiddin maybe you just need to decorate it a bit and make it more homy!

Answer #8

Go to your front door open it, yell “get out!” and slam it shut. that will get the ghosts outta your house.

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