Can I sue my landlord?

When I moved in the house was infested with fleas. It was so bad we had to leave for a week while he attempted to get rid of them. It is 3 months later and he still has not got rid of the fleas. My son was sent home from school because of all the bites and had to go to the hospital and be put on medication because of all the bites he has received. We told our landlord about this problem and he keeps stating he will take care of it but like I said it has been 3 months and still nothing. Can I sue him?

Answer #1

Yes, you can sue him.

I have a question though, why dont you just go to walmart, or any drug store, and buy a flea/tick bug bomb and set some of those off in the house. It’s simple, and fairly cheap. It only takes about 2 hours that you and your family would have to be away from the house. You could go to dinner and see a movie and it would be done.

Answer #2

You should deffenately sue your landlord for not taking care of the infested house. He isn’t doing his job and if you have the health department come out, he might be in trouble for that. So, I’d say sue him. You shouldn’t be living that way since that’s very unacceptable and not healthy living. He might not like the fact that you want to sue him, but, he needs to learn.

Answer #3

My non-professional is that although you can sue anybody for anything, you probably wouldn’t be successful in this case. The reason is that you knew almost immediately when you moved in that the house was ridden with fleas. You then had the choice of moving out and having your landlord refund a prorated amount of your rent; or moving out temporarily to like a motel (at your landlord’s expense) until he eliminated the fleas. (You would have been able to probably successfully sue for those amounts.)

Since YOU chose to continue living under those conditions, I don’t think you could successfully sue for the subsequent medical expenses.

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Answer #4

I have bought flea bombs. I set 3 in every room of my house let it set and it does no good. I have tried everything and nothing works. I even hired an exterminator and he said it was one of the worst cases of fleas he has ever seen. He sprayed it helped out a little but they are still here. The exterminator said the landlord needs to get rid of all the rugs and have the house tented for a few days to make sure everything is dead.

Answer #5

Yes you can sue him he sounds like a slumlord. I would keep your sons doctor bills and proof that he was in the hospital because of the fleas. I would def contact a lawyer soon and see about the steps you should take to do this. Your landlord should have to pay for you childs doctor bills and prob other stuff I would def find another place to live, and give notice due to the infestation of fleas.

Answer #6

You can move out and break the lease, but you want to make sure you have registered mail informing him of the problem and that you are moving out because of that problem which has been ongoing and he has been unable to resolve.. You might be able to sue for some of your moving expenses and headaches related to that, but don’t expect to get rich, just get out of that situation.

Answer #7

Yes. You can sue him. If he keeps putting off that then you should sue him.

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