Would you ever have hydraulics on your car?

Why or why not?

Answer #1

Nope, same reason i wouldnt have rims, graffics, bling, etc on m vehicle. Id look ridiculous as some little while girl driving around in a cheap ass honda with hydrolics on it lol. I personlly dont like them in general though. I never really got into car modifcations.

Answer #2

Bahahaha, no. I like to not make an ass out of myself. Wait, yes I do, but not with hydraulics. It’s funny to see a white guy in a sh!tty beat down car, blasting Akon, and having hydraulics on their car. Those are the kind of people who get them. The car looked straight from the junk yard, but yet, it had hydraulics, despite the fact I couldnt believe the thing even turned on.

Answer #3

Well I have thought about putting hydraulics on the bed of a truck, but the only reason for that would be to dump crap out of the bed.

Answer #4

no, I think they are silly and a waste of money.But,hey, what ever floats your boat. I’m sure lots of people think the things I spend my extra money on are silly. : )

Answer #5

It truly depends on what look you are going for. If you are looking to Hop or participate in Hoppin’ events definately. However, if you are looking to lower you car at will Airbags are the way to do that. They are cheaper easier to maintain

Answer #6

YESS !!! My dream car is a hydraulic caddilac haha That will be cool, but I’m content with my car at the moment :D

Answer #7

I would definitely! only if I had an old school Chevy, Cadillac or Bonneville car. That would be the coolest car in my neighborhood. (:

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