How to sharpen knives?

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well I think its all been said...

anything with a thick razor or metal incline of some sort

or a knife sharpener...

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Look around your kitchen. A lot of appliances have knife sharpeners on them for some odd reason. Heck, my electric can opener has one [for reasons unknown]

Also, look where your parents keep the knives. There might be a long metal rod attached to a handle. You can use this to sharpen your knife.

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u go to a wal mart er somthin and buy a knife sharpener and if you can slide the blade across another knife why r you askinf this q anywa?

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eat it O_o


pencil sharpener!!

oh wait no..

uh ...


another knife?

I suck at advice -_-


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Stones and steels work great for keeping a fine edge on cutlery. Hold the knife at about a 15 degree angle to the stone or steel and draw it to you, or for beginners, motion like cutting away from you on each side. A few strokes will keep a keen edge and they always cut safer and easier when sharp. It is the dull knife that cuts people because of the added force needed to make it work. A sharp knife will easily cut a tomato with very little pressure and what a joy it is!

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yea like what melissain said or use another knife

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or a blade
liek a razo rbladde

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a knife sharpener, or if your cheap, a flat rock.

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