Where and how does an individual get a permit to carry a 13 inch knife in pennsylvania?

I have recently gotten into the habit of exploring abandoned buildings within 20 miles or so of where I live. I admit that this isn't exactly the safest thing. Some homeless people live in places like that as well as some crazy people. I don't really care about my own safety but I may be doing it with a few friends next time I go and I was wondering what I would have to do to be able to carry one of my knives. I collect knives and I have a 13 inch KA-BAR that I would like to carry around with me. The blade is 8 inches and the hilt is 5 inches. I want to know how to get a permit to carry this regularly and in public for the state of Pennsylvania.
I would just love to carry it anyway just to say that I carry around a 13 inch combat knife but I also need to think of the safety of the friends I may be with on one of out little... adventures. Does anyone know what process or processes I have to go through in order to get this permit?

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Can I ask y such a big knife?

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here is for concealed weapon permits:

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but thats for that state, you may hve to look into your own state's requirements. Also by law a concealed weapon is a handgun...it does not mention anything about knifes, i suggest calling your local police department.

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Well, for one, I love knives. I have... probably about 30 of them.
I've always loved knives and I always go for fixed blades which tend to be rather large.
It's all in the concept. If you have a 13 inch knife no one is really going to mess with you. You don't even have to get in a fight because they'll see it and leave you alone. It's a way of steering away from trouble with little to no effort on your part.
Also, when it comes to the safety of my friends I tend to be really paranoid and I want to be really careful because I may have a few girls with me and, obviously, they can be taken advantage of.
I'm just trying to keep them safe and, when that's the case, the bigger the better.

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Thank you. I'll look into it.
I have read the local knife laws but, unfortunately, they are terribly convoluted and poorly explained. I will ask my Govt. & Econ, teacher tomorrow (he used to be a cop) and if he doesn't know then I will give my local police department a call.
Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciate it.

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Ok thx for answering I was just curious, and don't blame u for ur reasoning behind the knife

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People do this all the time, it is called a machete, and as long as you have a purpose for the knife, I do not see the problem.

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You're always welcome. And thank you. =)

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It's actually a military combat knife. It's what our military uses now. It's called a KA-BAR. I do have a 3 foot machete though. I wouldn't even attempt to bring that though. I'll send you pictures of the knife/knives I am considering taking if you want.

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your welcome, thats what i'm here for :) and i really dont think you need to have a license for a knife becuase (well atleast in my state) you can carry one, and you can buy one at a lot of stores, you just need to be 18

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For Penn., actually don't need a permit. I have a friend who lives in Philadelphia county and he carries a Buck 119 almost every where he goes. He knows three Philadelphia police officers and they told him he can carry it, the knife just has to be kept in a sheath and on the belt and you can’t carry in restaurants, malls, and hospitals.
But, I would advise against it, because many people like myself are skilled enough to take the knife away from you. And then, it no longer is a 'defense' for you. But it always makes for a fine paper cutter....

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I have this one. =)

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Cool...I collect knives myself. Never really use 'em, just have 'em.

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And, I have been training myself to use knives for ten years or so. I'm not flawless at it by any stretch of the imagination but I am fairly good at knife defense and fighting in general as I have had training in a few areas over the years. I also always, ALWAYS, carry around my chain whip which can, if you know how to use it (which I do) be very dangerous.
I appreciate your imparting of knowledge about carrying. Thank you for taking the time to answer this. =)

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And really? What do you have?

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=) And I don't think you need one either but I'd rather be sure. It's probably not such a great idea to be caught with a 13 inch military combat knife if it's not legal to carry. Hahaha.

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Oh, I got that 119, a couple of bigger Bowie's made in Pakistan, a Puma knife-STAG SCOUT. And a bunch of large to small folders...some with 'spring assist'. Got most from Ebay...:-)

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I have 2 KA-BARs (one is a tanto and one is the original blade) I have the 119, I have a few Gerber tacticals, I have a Gerber Hunting, I have a stiletto open assist, I have a Gerber folder, I have a Solingen (German made knife. I found it in the rafters when I first moved to this house when I was six), I have a bunch of others but I'm not sure how many more. Like I said above, I have about 30 (plus a bunch of various other weapons).
I'll have to look on Ebay for some good knives. I got most of mine from D!ck's Sporting Goods, Cabela's, and this one knife store I live near.
I am trying to get a katana because I would love to train with one. It is a specialized weapon but it would be fun to learn how to use. They're expensive though.

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A knife is to close and personal for me, there are better ways to defend yourself.


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True, but there are weird gun laws in Pennsylvania. I can't buy one right now (because I am 19) unless I get it from a dealer that isn't federally licensed. If it is a federally licensed dealer I have to be 21. I'm still trying to find someone who will sell me a Beretta or a Glock. Those are good handguns.
I would rather use a knife though. I was never really a fan of guns. I like them but I prefer knives.

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