How to Lose 100 Pounds Fast?

I Am 16 years old and overweight…my target weight would be to loose 100 pounds…I hate they way I look and I’ve been trying to loose weight since I was 10 years old. all I do is think about loosing weight and I weigh my self every chance I get..I am constantly on diets and excersing but I always slip and end up gaining more weight I want to loose this weight before I go back to school which is in 6 months so I will have time before any tips or plans would be greatly appreciated this is my last hope so please help me!!

Answer #1

Well,I would say have a healthy lifestyle..Although it is not very fast,but it do help..I use to be overweight too.I drank plenty of water everyday..Doing exercise everyday..And of course,gotta learn to eat healthy.If you loses a couple of pounds,you can treat yourself better for one day.And then go on diet on another day.Fast food is ok once or twice a month.good luck! ^^

Answer #2

cut it off.

Answer #3

Try some valuable tips available on the blog

Answer #4

im 11 and whet 500 lbs help im real I need help

Answer #5

I myself am searching for an answer to that same question. I am also 16 and 100 pounds overweight according to my BMI. I would like to lose that by july. because I will be going to camp and I would like to be more confidant since I will be with a bunch of actors. I have been trying to lose weight since I was 9 when I first became selfconcious about my weight. I also have tried dieting and I slip when my evil little sister calls me piggy fatso, she does this on a daily basis. I’ve tried to exercise, but it is impossible to make time for it with my full schedule. I became a vegitarian about a year ago to become healthier and I have lost about 10 ponds, but I haven’t been eating very healthy lately since I’m at school late for drama. you might want to research vegitarianism online to read about how it can help and how to still get all the nutrients you need.

Answer #6

You are still only 16 - you are still growing into a young woman. Don’t be too drastic with yourself right now because your body is still changing shape so you are able to concieve (like your hips get wider so a baby can fit through). Once you are in your 20’s your body should be in proportion but maybe a little bit of fat/flab but everyone has that!!! Even I do!

But just make sure you maintain a healthy eating plan and NO SNACKS!! Try drinking plenty of water and go toilet frequently. Eat fruits and vegetables and meat everyday (one meat per day in a meal helps your body work and your skin healthy). Try not to eat the greasy stuff but I suppose once a week is fine.

Do sit ups everyday - anytime of the day. Start off at 50 and if you think you can do more the next week, do 100 and so on. But build it up gradually. Running is a bit too quick at the moment but why not every weekend (so every sat and sun) go for a walk around where you live - make a plan on a map and make it into a circle so you end up back home.

Yes I know there will be days when you feel like slobbing in front of the TV on the sofa but you really have to try and do it for yourself. Maybe you can even buy a fitness DVD - I just bought one in the January sales - Jordan (Katie Price) fitness after she gave birth. I know it is hard but give it a try

Answer #7

The best way to lose weight, and even the quickest is to eat every 3 hours and not eat after 7pm… If you are eating a small meal every 3 hours your body doesnt go into hibernation mode and store food like it does when you only eat 1, 2 or 3 times a day. Instead the body knows it is getting food quickly and consistently and therefore metabolizes the food as soon as its consumed. You have more energy and also lose weight. Whats great about this is that its not a diet! As long as you are eating multiple small meals per day you will keep the weight off. I lost 60 lbs in 2 months! I’ve kept it off for a whole year now! =) Drinking lots of water is also great. Whoever says you can’t snack or need to cut something out is wrong. Moderation is key, never deprive yourself because when you do it makes you want it more and you will gorge yourself on it later. Dont cut carbs, dont cut out meat (but try to stick to lean meats like turkey and chicken). A small meal consists of 1 serving of protein, 1 serving of carb, and 1 serving of fruit/Veggie… a favorite meal of mine would be Cottage Cheese and Pineapple, or a half a sandwich… you get to pick and choose :) good luck sweety.

Answer #8

100 pounds? Impossible unless you starve to death.

Loosing weight is not easy and loosing your weight quickly can even prove fatal.Regular exercise is the only way out.

Answer #9

Dieting is the best way to lose weight. You need to expend more calories then you eat every day. Stay away from fatty foods and try to eat things that fill you up. If you eat fast food stop. Also you should exercise and eat more fiber because both of these things stimulate your metabolism. If you can try to exercise more then once a day so you get more then one metabolism boost. Also start drinking water, and if you don’t like water drink propel. If you drink a lot of pop and then stop you can lose 5-8 pounds in one week. If you really want to lose all this weight you need to make a serious commitment. You need to change your eating habits permanently as well or you will start gaining the weight back after you reach your goal and start eating “normal” again.

Best of luck

Answer #10

hey in my time you asked this like 2 hrs ago and I have got some advice for you…well try jogging every morning for like 2-3 miles or you can also try eating less meaty and fat things and try eating vegetables and fruits! dont ever , ever make yourself not eat! never! also buy thoese you know excersise balls and work out and try dancing it make you baby flexible and you will lose weight is you just dance 1 hr a day trust me I know do healty things! and give yourself positive thoughts you can do it!

From: Stella Hudgens ( 4 real ) I know you can do it if you set your mind to it!

Answer #11

well, you probably cannot lose 100lbs that fast but you can try your hardest. go running, crunches are the best…forget about the pain in working out…take deep breaths while you are doing it…it helps… just dont lose weight the wrong way…just focus on working out…because it is the best… I hope this advice helps u! brittany

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