How to help a 12 year old alcoholic, smoker, and drug using friend?

One of my friends is 12 and does drugs, drinks alcohol so often gets drunk. Talks people older than her into buying her cigars, and if not she’ll take one off the ground and light it just to get a puff. Some of the times I see her she is still a bit stoned from the weekend. What should I do to help her? because when she can’t get alcohol or smokes, she will cut herself… Please help me!

Answer #1

omg… that’s terrible. what has the world gone to. planet crazy!!!

Answer #2

I use to be EXACTLY like her. I was depressed because everyone was really mean at the school I went to. Trust me, there is nothing you can do to stop her. Telling her parents wont really do anything but make her hate you. The best you can really do is just tell her that your there for her and make her feel shes important.

Answer #3

Aww, get her into rehab, therapy, something, ANYTHING. She need help. Best of Luck.

Answer #4

Apparently this girl has no one in her life, that is teaching her the proper way of being a little girl. If the parents do not do this job, or if she is not in a family that cares what she does, she will have little incentive to do anything different that she is doing. Actually she is self destructing. And I can tell you care, or you wouldn’t be posting for help for her.

Prayer, is very important, and I have posted a prayer request for her, and will try to remember to pray for her daily.

Once the Holy Spirit starts to draw her, she will begin to inquire about the things of God, and you being her friend, can begin to help her. Are you a Christian?

If you have a church that you attend, It would be great to ask her to go with you, or even if you don’t, you could both go.

I am going to send you a funmail… God bless…

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