How to help my friend get off of drugs?

ok my friend here needs some HELP like big help like drugs and he is messing up his life over a girl. and I told him everything I coulf think of to tell him right!!! I need your hellp

Answer #1

Tell an adult.. I know you might think that is stupid or dumb, but if you really care about your friend.. tell the school or an adult.. you can keep it confidential if you want.

Answer #2

go on the internet and show her or him what it will do to them and if that dosent work then tell an adult

Answer #3

I think you should really sit him down and tell him that he is messing up his life and you hate seeing him like that. tell him you r really worried about him, if that dont work, then you might want to tell an adult you trust. dont use the person’s name say “hypethetically speaking…” ask the adult what they think you should do. I have a friend who does drugs 2, but he doesnt do them all the time, I know nonetheless he shouldn’t but he has his mind made up. hopefully you can talk some sense into your friend.

Answer #4

You cant help someone thats not wiling to help themselfes

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