How is Rugby scored?

Ok, I just got access to BBC and my husband is slowly getting addicted to rugby. Thing is, I read somewhere that a try is 5 points, but the scores for this one game were 4, 6 etc…no fives. Can someone just explain how the points are earned so I can be the smart one in the relationship? :-)

Answer #1

rugby is the BEST SPORT EVER :D

you score a “try” A try is scored when a player puts the ball on the ground with “downward pressure” inside the opposition’s in-goal area between the try line and deadball line.

if a tackled player is taken to the floor he MUST release the ball.So a ruck is formed when the ball is on the ground with at least one player in physical contact with a member of the the ruck only players ON there feet can handle the ball. If the ball does not come out of the ruck quickly enough, the referee will award the team moving forward at the ruck the feed at the scrum. but often the player who falls to the floor with the ball will keep it. the ball can ONLY travel backwards.

if the player knocks the ball on the floor forward the other team will be awarded a scum.

to be honest theres a lot of rules in rugby but I think those are the aim ones … hope I helped :D

a try is 5 points conversion is 2 points penalty is 3 points and drop goal is 3 points too :D

Answer #2

It appears that different scoring is used for different Rugby games. The best answer I managed to find:

UNION Try = 5 Converted Try = 7 Drop Goal = 3 Penalty = 3

LEAGUE Try = 4 Converted Try = 6 Penalty = 2 Drop Goal = 1

Answer #3

For rugby a try is 5 points. After a try the team gets to kick the ball in between the poles (normal kick) and that is 3 points, a drop kick is 2 points

A penalty kick will be between 2-3 points depending on what the other team did. (it is a kick against the team that did wrong)

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