What is the best sport! American football, rugby union or soccer!?

I’m american and as far as I’m concerned, these are the only sports that matter. I played american football for 9 years and I have 1 year of rugby experience. soccer “football” is ok but much of the sport (when compared to the other 2) can be viewed as “for pussies”. Get offended! Defend your sport’s honor! Go!!!

I personally think rugby union is the best game on this planet. (although I think the best athletes are in american football…hands down)

Answer #1

rugbys great… soccers really fun if your into it. I really like playing american football when me and the lads want to piss about cus you can tackle anyone you want in that, but in rugby you can only tackle the guy with the ball.. which sucks cus you can end up in a nasty pile-up

Answer #2

american football, and hockey

Answer #3

I love soccer but football iz awesome!!!

Answer #4

american football is the best but I havent ever seen or played rugby

Answer #5

american football

Answer #6

Soccer. You might think whats so bad about it, think abut it, its more physically demanding than football (american) and all you have to protect yourself are shin guards, which from my experience they dont protect enough because I usually get kicked in the balls.

Answer #7

fact: a game of professionally played American football has the same strain (on average) on the body as a car crash. players can hit up to 120G which is roughly the force of impact the brain would receive in a mid-speed car crash. rugby is no sissy sport either, but I think youre wrong when you say that soccer is more physically demanding than american football. or rugby for that matter, soccer does require immense foot coordination tho. more so than the other sports. but the overall strain on the body is no where near that of football or rugby. I dont remember the last time I saw a soccer player carted off the field because his neck was broken…maybe a sore ankle tho…

Answer #8

Soccer is the best, it may be seen as a “pussy” sport but we all know that main reason Americans hate Soccer is because they just arent coordinated enough or quick enough to play… like always Americans hate losing so they just had to invent something they were good at, it seems to me like football is the pussy sport since you need all that protection why not play without it like in rugby?

Answer #9

RUGBY BABY!! :) full contact and no body gaurd kinda sport!! - you go full out!! I love watching rugby, but hate seeing people getting injuried!! - from pulling a musscle, breaking/dislocating a bone, bruised eyes and cut up lips :( other than that, rugby is best watched in the rain being played by boys ;) boyfriend is a scrumhaf and a hooker!!

Answer #10

the collisions are much much harder. the physics of the game ( the speed and power at which it’s played) demand protection. and even still, it yields the highest concussion rate of any team sport. and “not coordinated”? really? youtube any NCAA division one skill position (through D3 for that matter) and ill be accepting your apology :)

Answer #11

The whole jumping on top of each other thing is silly. Just means the brutes flourish at it. Football (soccer) is best! It’s bloody knackering though, you need to be seriously fit to play it compeititively

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