What is rugby?

i heard of it, but how do you play?

Answer #1

Rugby is kinda like a cross between football and soccer. It’s brutal to play because it’s very physical (like football) but barely takes breaks (soccer). If you want to know the details, Google will tell you all:))

Answer #2

its like football, except you can only pass the ball behind you, or directly to the side. its a penalty if you pass it forward i think

Answer #3

Rugby is the staple that holds my country together haha. It is also responsible for mass money loss during the season as Kiwi men will bet on anything.

Answer #4

not to mention increases in domestic violence when the All Blacks lose

Answer #5

Oh yes definitely. And parties in the streets when they win.

Answer #6

Fun times this september

Answer #7

Rugby is is a game which is similar to American football, but they don’t wear as much padding and the rules differ. It is one of the main games in my country and people go nuts about it. It involves the following basics. Scoring a try: Which is 5 points (in international rugby). A try is scored by trying to break through the other team and planting the ball behind the poles on the other side of the field. Once a team gets a try they also have an opportunity to kick the ball between the poles and I believe that that is 3 points. Other than that, it is a really tough sport which can cause injury (and often does) and even death.

Answer #8

its the original version of that crap the yanks play.

america is in the world cup but their in the same pool as the ozzies so i dont think theyll get very far.

the greatest rugby player of all time and i must admit my fave was the kiwi jonah lomu..

theres a few ways to score in rugby union.. im guess you want the rugby union version.

a try, once you get a try which is taking the ball to the opposite end of the field and placing it on teh ground without it leaving your hands gives you 5 points. you then get to take a conversion and a conversion is getting the rugby ball between the top of the posts and this gives you 2 points. depending on where the try is scored is where the ball is placed on the field which is why its a lot easier to score the try between the posts.

a drop kick which is like a conversion but the game is still in play gives you 3 points a penalty is also 3 points.

opps ive just checked and canada is in the same pool as the all blacks.. im guessing thats another west team thats gonna be out pretty quick :|

Answer #9

Rugby is a lot more free flowing than American Football and isn’t based around Television.

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