How do i seduce my best friend's mom

I am in love with my best friend's mom. how can I seduce her. I want to have sex with her. she drives me crazy... please help me...

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Where a robe..naked underneath..knock on her door..and BAM show your goodies ! Say "hey sexy like what you see?? " lick yer lips! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha srry but I can't help but laugh..I don't think you shud b tryna get with yer BESTFRENDS MOMMIE! D:

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that is discusting you need help!! im not kidding either

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I just showed her my sexy face and I was in her pants before you can say xenya

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Judging by what you have said, I'm not convinced you love her by any stretch of the imagination :P. Don't do something like this because it could ruin your relationship with your best friend and the chances of ever being in a real relationship with your best friend's mother are very remote. I have no idea whether or not she is married, but regardless, this isn't right. I think (if you really must try), that the first person you should talk to is your friend, but I doubt you will like it.

Attractions to parents and older women aren't all that uncommon, but I really do recommend that you be mature and hold back with this urge. The chances are that she will not want to get involved with you anyway, but it is the morals that matter here. I would do some thinking about your friendship. Are you truly ready to jeopardise it?

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no offence but love isn't the same as lust... love doesnt just want sex love wants to be there for someone.. care for them comfort them make them feel safe etc.. but whether its love or lust um I should hope she'd turn you down and imagine if your friend tried with your mom ew!

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well first you get her nice and drunk at one of your friends parties. then when she goes to the bathroom follow her. you then take her to an upstairs bedroom. since shees all drunk she wont care and then start making out wit her. things should lift off by then. then im guessing you know what to do after that. good luck

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Get her to come overto your house bring her in to your room an tell her that you are going to ask her something then get under your covers tell her to sit on top of your legs put her hand sort of toward your dick get hard let her feel it it should turn her on if she ask what is that just say o sorry it's just you look so hot in what your wearing your making me hard and it will turn her on after that lean in to kiss and make out and you know where to go on from there

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The Same Way I Seduced Your Mum ;)

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People telling him he'll lose relationship with best friend who cares he'll be his stepdad :d

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lol be very flurty kinda lead her on.. be v very sexy.. but your friend might be like wtf when its all done

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man!!! that iss sickk!!!

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Stay overnight with your mate.Wake up in the night and grab her ass.Stuck your dick up her and make out

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