How do i clean my piercing?

I have a piercing on my lip! How do I clean it?

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On the outside dab it down with salt water (warm/hot water in a bowl with table salt) with a cotton bud and if available use tea tree oil as you did with salt water then wash whole face so no tea tree is left. On the inside, clean teeth and tongue - taking your time well and rinse out with water, then rise out with non alcoholic mouthwash then water. Do this for about 2 months or more (unless your piercer recommends something else) and if it is still sore or red, keep cleaning it untill you feel it is healed.

Smoking and alcohol will irritate it and it is advisable to miss out oral s*x (just mentioning anyways)

Good luck

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Sea salt sea salt sea salt they key to healing...and antibacterial soap such as dial.

why non alcohol mouthwash to clean lip piercings?

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you did it yourself didn't you

How do you clean a lip piercing ?
ANSWER #4 of 4 can find it at walmart for like 4 tastes bad...but it works :)

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