Why non alcohol mouthwash to clean lip piercings?

why do I have to use non alcohol mouthwash to clean my lip piercing? because I've been using mouthwash that isnt non alcohol and it doesnt burn or anything

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Alchohol also thins your blood so the piercing could start to bleed again if you used mouthwash with alchohol in it.Thats why most places also recommend not drinking alchohol or taking asprin for two weeks after getting something like that pierced...

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It irritates it. It may not burn, but your piercing doesn 't like it. Use mouthwash with alcohol in it just water it down first. Stronger isn't always better.

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cause... alcohol would burn th piercings.. I have to use mouthwash with no alcohol. plus the alcohol would dry it out, and delay the healing process.

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While both above me are correct in a sense the real reason is because the alcochol would kill all and any new cells which you need for the piercing to heal. Without the new cells you would hvae an open wound or a longgg time causing infection that could end up being very dangerous. Do not use alcoholic mouth wash. I recommend Crest Pro Health Non- Alcoholic. I used it both when I got my tounge and my lip pierced.
Hope I helped some.

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Irritation and drying out.

That's why.

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