How can I lose 20 pounds in one month?

I am 27 years old, 165 pounds, and 5’7. I was wanting to lose 20 pounds in one month. I started my diet today, June 13, 2007. Need so help and advice.

Answer #1

I have to lose 60 pounds in three months starting jan 12 09. I have lost 5 pounds in two days but I ve been working out a lot and eating really healthy. this sucks for me because im 6.3 and weigh 275 pounds , and I was so use to eating junk food. but it is possible just stay active and whatever you do dont quit .

Answer #2

I dont think you can lose 20lbs in a month you can probably lose only 10 but if you exercise and go on a very hard diet im sure you will -good luck!

Answer #3

dude all I can say is 1 thing you need to be active dont care of any method just exercise for 2 hours a day and dont eat fatty foods. good luck with it!

Answer #4

I would really like to lose 20 pounds per month until I lose 120 pounds. I gained it over the course of two years and now that im not in that relationship I would like to have my old 187 pound body back. I have tried pills, I have tried diets, and exercise with both of those but the most I lose is 6 pounds. I have been at this for 2 years …I need help

Answer #5

I was able to loose once 20 lbs in about a week but then again i dont think you want advice from me..i totally agree with the comment above…its more realistic to loose 10 lbs per month..just by exercising and having a nice nutrious diet and you wont be starving

Answer #6

I you believe in yourself,you can do it

Answer #7

You could probably do 20lbs in 3 weeks, just take the Hollywood 48hour Miracle Diet, then jog everyday at least 3-5 miles and run up and down a good 3 floors worth of stairs 4 times. With that I lost 25 lbs. Just don’t exercise durring the 48 hours you do the Miracle diet. Also you can get the Miracle diet at Walgrens, no need to order online.

Answer #8

You’re not fat, overweight, maybe so 20lbs in one month is a bit much. But if you must, a lot of excersize at least an hour a day, if not more, and make sure it’s split between cardio and weights (not heavy ones to build muscle, just enough to tone). Eat a lot of fresh/raw veggies fruit, lean meats, it’s virtually impossible to get fat off of raw spinach, no matter how much you eat. Remember skinny and flabby is not a good look.

Answer #9

Lean meat!!! chicken, fish, turkey. no salt. olive oil spray only!! (use chicken or vegie broth instead of olive oil when possible!). no dairy, but take a dairy supplement. Lots of green veggies, and a multi vitamin. water only… you will be amazed. a colon cleanser is amazing to jump start the diet… 20 minutes of intense cardio everyday is ideal… too much can backfire. eat as much lean meat and veggies as you need to feel satisfied!!!

Answer #10

To lose a lot of weight fast you really have to cut down your calorie intake everyday, maybe go for walks or so some small exercises. Drink lots of water, if you don’t allready drink lots of water, when you first start you will have to run to the bathroom a lot but after a few days you wont. The reason being is that when you don’t drink enough water then your body stores any water you do drink maybe making you feel more bloated, so when you give your body all the water it could ever want all of the water it had been storing comes out and that is why you are running to the washroom constantly. You could also eat tons of grapfruit and pick up some lemons to put in your water, I find it tastes better and it helps you lose weight because it is accidy, which will break up the fat. Well I hope I helped a little bit.

Answer #11

I know that when people say ‘eat right’ and ‘exercise’ some people cringe :P

you can do a detox to jump start your diet or just to clean you body’s veery simple, but not always easy, for seven days you will eat nothing but FRESH fruit and veggies. you will drink water and green tea, this is the hardest around the 3rd day cause your thinking about your little brothers cupcakes in the cabinet, ;). but if you can get past that you will feel free of cravings and you will crave good things:)!

start off with simple exercise, like walking your dog(if you have one) or doing crunches or push ups when theres a commercial on tv :)

its winter, so I can’t do as much outside because of the excessive amount of snow, so I’m going to do this too :)

if your like me, you may have to do an uphill battle to fight genetics. ALL of the reletives on my moms side(that I take after) are overweight except my mother. she’s average but she has to try hard to maintain it,

but you CAN do it :)

Answer #12

I lost 60 pounds in about 8 months I just adjusted portion sizes. It was easy, because I ate anything I wanted. Even pizza, just don’t overdo it. You will get used to smaller portions after a while. I also used the treadmill 5 times a week, about 45 minutes each time. It might not be fast enough but its been two years, and I am still doing pretty good.

Answer #13

I forgot to mention, I did the cabbage soup diet, and I was very happy with it, I lost 5 punds, in one week. look it up on the net if your interested, they have a strict 7 day diet plan, and its very cheap. you get to eat, and you dont have to starve. :P

Answer #14

I’ve been going threw the same thing aswell. It is extremelly frustrating to loose weight. I’ve been trying to eat the weight watchers oatmeal every morning for breakfast..and adding flax seed to every do benefit from it, it makes your stomach feel good, no bloating or anything, and if you ask me, when you feel bloated you dont feel like doing a workout..also drink lots of water and walk for atleast a half hour a a good pace..almost like a speed walk, and you will also benefit if you use 2lb weights to carry while your walking. I’ve tried a lot of diets..and pills..diets are good, if you do it right, and dont starve yourself..simply cut down on fatty food and junk fast food!! and try to avoud processed food..a very important part of dieting is a lot of fruit and veggies with meals…well I hope you make progress :) good luck ;P

Answer #15

If you eat a lot of high calorie/fatty foods and have a sedentary lifestyle, then it is realistic to lose 20 pounds in a month/around 5 pounds a week.

You can’t starve yourself or your metabolism will slow down. You basically have to eat a lot of low calorie/low fat foods and get daily exercise. Like eating boiled cabbage, potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, lots of veggies. These are fat free or low fat. Stay away from all high fat/high calorie foods. And if you walked for 30 minutes a day and did something else to raise your heartbeat for another 30 minutes like an aerobics video, housework such as mopping and sweeping, etc.

If you made major lifestyle changes you could do it, but it is really hard and takes a lot of work. Diet pills can give you maybe a small benefit. They don’t work good for the most part. Some help you lose weight faster if you diet and exercise. But if you’re not dieting and exercising they won’t do any good. Taking something with some herbs and/or cromium picolinate may help shed a few more pounds, but that’s about all pills can do.

Answer #16

Not to sound mean or anything but 20lbs in one month is not a realistic goal. You’d have to work out and diet like crazy. Like workout to the point of puking.

20 lbs in 2 months is probably more do-able.

I recommend picking up a copy of Women’s Health Magazine. It’s chock full of diet and exercise tips.

Answer #17

I lost 12 pounds in a week and a half using alli diet pills. I followed the diet very strictly and did at least 30 minutes of cardio daily. it really isnt that hard once you pass the three day milestone. and you can eat pretty much anything, besides fast food. I just suggest a lot of water and fiber, which will keep you full. I also suggest grapefruit before every meal.

Answer #18

that would b great great if that was possible but the only way ull ever manage that is to starve yourself and I know you aint going to want to do that because youll be happy with a little just in the trunk then almost dead on a hospital bed, and besides men now adays wants girl with meat trust me I know im 5’6” and 105lbs and its like impossible to get a boyfriend they all say their to afraid to break me LOL!

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