How Can a 14 yr loose 176 pounds?

I’m 14 about to be 15 and I want to loose weight before my birthday sep 27.

Answer #1

Honestly if you change one or two of the things that you eat, or lessen the amount you eat,(so instead of eating a pack of chips, pour some into a bowl and only eat those, etc,) and pick up abit of movement it will work. For me I had to, cut coke and sweets out of my diet as well as fast foods like mcd and KFC. I would walk 30 mins a day for 3 times a week and then increase this every week by 10mins. I would eat fruit and cereal every morning, nuts and carrots or fruit for a snack, fresh fish or tuna or chick salad for lunch with juice or water(Water is your best friend, drink drink drink…nuts and carrots or fruit for a snack. And for tea I would eat a piece of meat the size of my palm and four bits of vege. nuts and carrots or fruit for a snack. When you are preparing food, don’t fry it in oil, bake it or grill. As you can see, snacks are your best friend, you shouldn’t feel hungry, almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds with chocolate chippies is great as a snack. Good luck, its a hard road to walk on but it gets easier every step! Be strong!

Answer #2

Exercise your almost 15 booty off! It’s to get started that seems to me to be the hardest part. Once you get going, you feel better and healthier about yourself. Exercise also gives you more energy during the day and increases your metabolism. Determination, a realistic goal, and self discipline are a big part of it. If you work really hard at something, you will succeed. I suggest you try hard and lose the weight because obesity causes many serious health problems and some psychological as well. You can do it if you believe it will happen and take action on your thoughts with weight loss. We all know it’s easy to say something such as, “I will start eating healthy and working out tomorrow”. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep the routine going and to actually take dedicated action on the weight loss goals. You also need to see results for yourself and have support to keep you encouraged; maybe even a workout buddy. Don’t diet every single day of the week. People need a break from diets because without one, you will relapse back to unhealthy habits after a short period of time caused by feeling overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time and really notice the benefits and better feelings you get when you begin your diet. To find foods to accommodate your healthier lifestyle, use Google. There are lots of things you can eat. Since you are 14, your parents are probably the ones buying groceries. Tell them about your serious thoughts on losing weight and they should be happy to buy different things for you to eat; maybe even for themselves! Anyway, I love going on and on, but I need to shut up lol so good luck!! (:

Answer #3

You just need to lessen your portions. Don’t eat any takeout, but if you are with your friends are you all get takeout, then its okay for you to have something little, like a small chips or something. But only on occasion. You should cut out all fatty foods and all sugary foods.

There are still lots of foods you can eat, Heres a list off the top of my head…

Pasta, Home made burgers (burger bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a low fat patty or falafel). Sandwiches with salady stuff in them. Spaghetti. Soup. Chicken. Fish. (chicken and fish- make sure they are low in fat, read the packet. Even better- buy fresh, they are way better for you.

You could get a low fat easy meal book out of the library.

Make sure to drink plenty of water, its what flushes stuff out of you. Don’t drink soft drinks or energy drinks as they are sooo bad for you. Just limit your portions.

And excersise about 3 times a week for 30 mins each time. If you can’t do that to begin with, don’t worry, do what you can and just aim for it.

Good luck.

Answer #4

It starts with simple changes like instead of eating regular icecream, swich to frozen yogurt. it tastes the same and I actually like it better caus you dont get that guilty feeling after. or when you feel the need to go to th cupbord, instead head to the fridge and eat an orange apple or bannana or any fruit and take a bite out of it quik before you change your mind. eat fruit as much as you want cause that wont make you gain weight, it will only make you have a happy glow and give you energy. when your taking a shower, take the time to suck in your stomach for 60secs and I promise you you will see results within the next few months.and its the easy to do. and when you eat dinner, dont go for seconds just eat and go. and dont eat till your full and cant move. if satisfied than move on. remeber you eat to live you dont live to eat. good luck<3

Answer #5

trust me here girl, ive been fat all of the first 12yrs of my life.. i am now 13 and i am now fit. first i ran on the treadmill 30mins at 3 miles.. then gradually made it to one hour max at max 5 miles per hour. after that i lost an incredible amount of weight in 3 months- 15 kgs!!i only ate 1000 kcals or less each day. now i hve lost nearly 2 and a half stone howeve am at risk of overweight- i found out that you dont actually needd exercise if you could lower your food calories- so after u have lost about 10 kilos due to the run on the treadmill- jus stop and eat 800-100 kcals a day and try to do more sports at school..

Answer #6

*i meant 800-1000 kcals a day

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