Why my dog just started to bite people?

I am going to lose my dog because he all of a sudden just started to bite people. Can someone please help me find out why he just started to bite people.

Answer #1

So he’s an old dog??? NOT a puppy!! Have you had him to the vet lately?? He’s in his “golden years”…his hearing is probably not so good (ears go first)…so he may be getting startled, because he doesn’t hear people come up to him.

I’ve got a14 human years Westie…I’m VERY careful that she knows I’m there before I touch her…and I wake her up by moving her blanket around, rather than touching her, because she wakes up like an old soldier…My younger dog is who gives her the clues she needs when they are outside…like when a person approaches, or another dog…

This sounds like a dog who’s suffering from some physical limitations, and you just have to take a little extra time letting him know that you or your friends are there…


Answer #2

Just 1 problem… He has fine hearing because I can call him from enywhere in the house. And he bites other people not me even when I suprise him.

Answer #3

Type: German Sheperd Mix Age: 9 Years Old (human years) No Wierdness When Asleep. Started: cople months ago No Teasing That I Know About. Play Rough: Not That Much

Additallup your 4th question I do not have an answer for.

Answer #4

it could be because he has a lot of stress. or he could have just changed and became aggresive.

Answer #5

Yes it would really help to know a little more, but I would start putting a muzzle on for your dogs safety right now. The reason I say it that way is to keep you dog from biting is keeping your dog out of trouble.

Has anyone been teasing this dog? Or is anyone teasing this dog when you are not around. Playing rough with it? This can cause biting that just started and wasn’t there before.

Of course I mean to muzzle when it is appropriate

Answer #6

well I have some questions for you first,

  1. what kind of dog?
  2. how old is it?
  3. does it bite or become wierd in anyway when it is sleeping?
  4. when it bites people does it seem like it doesn’t know what it is doing or what it has done after the fact?

please answer these and I maybe I can help one of my dogs had a similar problem so I am just trying to get background on the dog first

Answer #7

The breed of dog DOESN’T matter, its how you handle it.

Your dog as reached a stage in its life where it does not see a strong human leader in your family pack. So, the dog is now taking that role and he is controlling you in the only way he knows how; by biting as a warning when you are doing something that he does not approve of.

You need to become the pack leader again. This is rehabilitation for your dog so you will need to be consistant or he will return to his biting ways.

To become the pack leader I suggest you watch the show ‘The Dog Whisperer’ by Cesar Milan on the ‘Three’ Channel on sky at 6 O’clock.

He is amazing and you WILL benefit from what he is showing you.

I highly recommend you take my advice or you the problem will escalate and you will be forced to put down your dog.

If you do not have sky I suggest you buy his book ‘Cesars Way’ by Cesar Milan which will also teach you all you need to know.

Trust me on this one for the good of your dog.

Your dog is dominant. And you need help to change it.

All the best.

Get in touch with me if you have any queries.

Answer #8

Thanks for all your answers but he is nice to me he bites other people is the problem

Answer #9

Get a Vet check before you make a decision on Dominant and Submissive behavior…a GSD mix at 9 years old is truly in the beginning of it’s “golden years”…If it’s gone deaf, or has aches and pains that it’s now reacting to…The sudden onset of biting, after years of not being snappy, would make me look for physical ailments first.


Answer #10

How old is your dog ? Sometimes the dog is just playing , if he bites real hard smack him and command a NO ! Dogs goes through a period called teething , where dogs starts to bite and chew things . Buy him a nice bone to chew on or a soft toy with sounds so he would not bite your furniture . :D ! I have a dog myself he’s like that too . I gave him bones and toys and if he bires me or something that is not suppose to be bitten I would smack him at his butt and command a NO ! (:

Answer #11

Thanks for all your answers but he is nice to me he bites other people is the problem

Answer #12

honeyx3 he is 9 in human years

Answer #13

Ditto to the questions…puppies don’t normally bite out of aggression (unless it fear aggression)…so how OLD is this puppy?? And what breed…and when did this start???


Answer #14

if you hurt the dog the situation would just get worse.what ever the human does to the dog reflects on the dog . if you are a nice caring owner that teaches the dog the dog will most likely b responseble.if you abuse it and dont care what it dose then the dog will become agressive .what the dog does is because of you or your family!takecontrol and say no everyu time it bites then put it on it on a shortish leash and tie in up for a minute or 2 every time it bites.soon it will notice every time it bites someone will yell and tie it up

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