Dog biting another dogs ear??? domianance???

Is there a meaning to a dog trying to bite another dogs ear? is it like domainance or something? Because my older dog keeps trying to bit my younger (as in had her for less time) ear!
Anyone have a clue, I certianly dont!

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im not sure because its only when my younger dog gets up and barks (she has problems so she does this sometimes) then my older dog gets up and barks at her and tries to bite her ears, not like hard or seriously, but tries.

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The big ones just probably trying to play. Dogs get really rough when they play.

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sounds like lead dog behaviour to me, I watch too much dog whisperer- ceaser does roughly the same thing when putting a dog in it's place.
the lead dog will make contact with the other dog to keep it in line and let it know it was doing something the lead dog didn't like.

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That's exactly my question. I have 5 dogs in a range of sizes and breeds. Two of the dogs will bite the oldest one's ear when getting out of the kennel to play and it's weird. She won't bite back, just tries to duck them. One is bigger, one is smaller and they don't do it to any other dog but the oldest one! If only dogs could talk!

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