how do I get fatter in 11 days

how do I get fatter in 11 days help and only natural stuff please!

Answer #1

haha I’ve been fat my whole life, so here: -sit around and do nothing -eat as much as you can -eat A LOT of sugar, calories, and fatty foods!

Answer #2

eat as much as possible and eat a lot of bread and eat whenever you can at any possible hour…hope this helped

Answer #3

well, just lay around and do nothing and eat so much that your stomach pops out a little, but mostly eat some junk foods and look at the calories and fat in it! eat like six or seven meals a day, and keep weighing yourself! good luck

Answer #4

Eat like you have never eaten. Lay around and sleep as much as possible. Eat Right Before you go to bed. :]]

Answer #5

haha that cant be too hard ;) must be fun too :) EAT EAT & EAT Candy, Chips, cookies, sweets, soda’s, yum :)

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