What?? Your legs get fatter when you excersise?

I dont know why, but wenever I excersise my legs get fatter b/c of the muscles? Then if I stop, the muscles turn to fat, how can I lose weight by running without getting bigger legs?

Answer #1

Whenever you exercise your legs may get bigger because of the muscles expanding because of blood flow(known as “the pump”). Which is unlikely to happen when running because muscles expand under intense work usually when in the gym doing weights.in your case your muscles may expand because you don’t reguarly run and running is putting your muscles under intense pressure.

When you stop exercising your muscles don’t turn to fat because they can’t. Rather your muscles decrease in size and you notice the layer of fat.

Yes, if you continue running your Legs will get smaller from losing weight but it is more important to have a healthy diet.

If you want to lose weight without running have a healthy diet(which should be your main priority), and do other forms of cardio exercise such as swimming or cycling. I Also suggest that you do squats and lunges to burn fat in your thighs.

I hope this helps and I don’t mean to offend you in any way.

Answer #2

yes your legs do get fatter because muscle takes up more than fat but if you keep running or walk the same distance or run untill your legs get tirede you will keep you muscle topped up

hope this helps:D asbo14

Answer #3

Yes, your legs should get smaller if you keep exercising. You are working muscles that don’t usually get worked as much, or for the same purpose. They have to become accustomed to being worked. Then slowly you will replace fat with muscle, which will make your legs lean. Once you like what your legs look like, work on maintaining that, and not over working them, otherwise they will get bigger.

Answer #4

so if I keep excersing, my legs will start to get slimmer?

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