How can you hang up posters in your room, without using tape or tacs?

Answer #1

blue tack

Answer #2

You could run some string from one side to another and tie it to each end of your room, then you could peg posters on the string. It doesn’t damage walls, and is really easy to switch posters.

Answer #3

oo that sounds pretty cool :) .. I’ll consider this and also blue tack ;D <3

Answer #4

Most office supply stores, like Target or Office Max, will sell a type of sticky putty that is specially made for damage-free poster hanging. They’re great. lol. It looks something like this:

Answer #5

Get a large canvas to cover a wall of your room, use it to put pictures up that you can pin to the canvas, and posters, you would have to use something to put the canvas up with but if you ever move it can be something to remember your childhood by because you can take it with you

Answer #6

some sticky puddy that teachers use to hang posters in their classrooms

Answer #7

i would use poster stuff I cant remember what its called but they sell stuff to hang posters up with.

Answer #8

That stuff that they use to stick posters in magazines. it like clear tack stuff idk.

or chewed gum hahhaah ew

Answer #9

Those gummy things that you put on it and it sticks, you know it kinda looks like gum, I forgot what they are called.

Answer #10

if you want to hang up posters without having to use tape, use pins, or thum-tack pins.

Answer #11

Use a double sided tape. It is a tape but if you’re trying to avoid the unpleasant look of the tape on the poster, it is a good option.

Answer #12

In college dorms, we weren’t allowed to use tape or tacts to hang things so my roommates and I would use those plastic 3M hooks that come with the easily-removable sticky strip. Once the hooks were hung, we’d hole punch a hole in the upper right and upper left of a poster, and sort of weave a colored string through the holes and around the hook, then tie the string into a knot when we figured out how high we wanted each poster! Picture frames too…we just would thread a string through the hooks on the back of picture frames and it worked great! Just remember to let the 3M hook sit a full half-hour before hanging anything off it!

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