What is the best way to hang up posters?

(Is it best to use tape, tacks, small nails etc)

Answer #1

tacks, cause if you ever decide to re decorate them, you’re not left with holes on the wall or anything like u would if u used small nails .. n tape sometimes when you’re not careful u can rip the poster by accident which i did millions of times -.-

Answer #2

Try Blu-Tack or a similar product . I does not damage the wall or the poster. You mould little valls or strips and place them between the wallcovering and the back of the poster at each corner. Apply pressure and the job is done.

If you peel off the poster, you can replace it with another poster of the same size, or remove the Blu-Tack (when it is likely to leave a slight discoloration of the walcovering, or lift part of the surface texture of the wall covering.

Products like this are available in most good stationery shops.


– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #3

probably tacks.you can barely see the little hole they leave.

Answer #4

The tape also rips the paint up, which is a lot harder to fix than tiny holes.

Answer #5

toothpaste or blu-tack

Answer #6

To be honest wouldnt it just be better/safer to frame the poster that way it is sure to never get torn, dirty or worn out because it is covered by a glass which all you would need is a small nail to hold it up making a tiny hole in the wall so no mes no fuss & no tearing off paint! It can last you for years or simply change it at will & put up another, still keeping it safe & then all you need is a paper towel & some Windex to clean it! (just what I did for my posters!)

Answer #7

No offence meant, but a poster is hardly the Mona Lisa is it ?

If you are going to start framing posters, you might as well start framing the wallpaper underneath as well.

– Majikthise.

Answer #8

no offense taken, I agree a poster is not a mona lisa, but then again it all depends on how much you actually care about that poster, now doesnt it?!

If you are gonna worry about ripping it or ruining the paint on the wall by using tapes/tacks/staples & all sorts of materials that can harm your wall then you might as well just frame it, 1 nail 1 small hole & all good!

In my case, I wanted to purchase 2 black & white pictures for my apt & when I heard they wanted 200-300 dollars for 2 pictures I found that purchasing 2 posters & framing them cost much much less, looked as original and even found the perfect ones i wanted. So, for me that was more of a deal perhaps for others it isnt! (was just my 2 cents)

Answer #9

Tacks. Tape will soo fall out and stuff and nails are just too much for a poster.

Answer #10


Answer #11


Answer #12


Answer #13

Toothpaste? never heard that before. thanks

Answer #14


Answer #15

thanks. I wouldn’t mind framing them as it would definitely keep them safer, but don’t have the extra cash right now and the one is a door poster so it couldn’t be framed. its a great idea though

Answer #16

Yes, toothpaste would work kind of like glue, just not as stubborn to remove. Although all you have to do to remove the toothpaste from your wall is wash it will a wet cloth, it may scratch off some of the paint (if your walls are painted) since toothpaste is abrasive. Also, depending on the color of the toothpaste, color of the wall, and how long you leave the toothpaste on the wall…it could leave a stain on your wall once removed.

Answer #17

no prob.

Answer #18

np :)

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