How do I clean my room without it being so frustrating?

my room looks like a tornado hit it an I never can get it clean. does anybody have tips on how they clean there room and keep it clean???

Answer #1

start wth putting awaa clothes then clean of tops make your bed dust vacume start throwing away things you dont use anymore

Answer #2

I turn on my radio while cleaning my room.

Answer #3

Just put stuff back after your done using it. And you just have to do it put on some muisc and clean.

Answer #4

I just crank my music whenever I have to clean my room it motivates me to work when I have good music on

Answer #5

Yes. Having a place for everything tends to help. When you’re done using it, put it back in its place. And do a little bit every day. If you’re headed to the bathroom, take something back that belongs there. If you’re walking to your desk, take something that belongs there and put it in its place.

Answer #6

just take a big trash bag and go through your room and through away trash.then pick up your clothes(wash if need-if not then put away in closet and or dresser)then put up your shoes and stuff.then pick up your toys and put them away neetly.make your bed and stuff and mabey dust or somtthing

and if your room is tiny like mine and you have way to much stuff,ask your mom to by you a bin or basket or somthing that you can put stuff in.

Answer #7

okay, this is totally a question I can understand! haha. I had a totally crazy room, and my friend (who has a full on spotless room) got sick of my room, she came over and literally was just like okay this is all going out! we got 5 huge trash bags and just threw out all my crap. stuff I had never seen before, old school books, broken stuff… everything I didn’t need.

just take a day out of your week, and go through it all.

it helps if you first of all take EVERYTHING out, like, tip everything out of your drawers and go though it, tip your desk off, your wardrobe … etc… then take all your stuff out that you want to keep and give it all a different home. move around your furniture, and you will feel sooo refreshed!

I was scared to clean out my room because I didn’t want to through anything out (im a bit of a hoarder :/ haha) but afterwards it was like omg awesome XD

just go for it, grab everything and chuck!

Answer #8

Organize: Get shelves, boxes, drawers and so on and try to give yourself as much space as possible. That way even when you have a little mess it won’t seem so bad. Arranging things so the space in front of all furniture and your door is clear will help too. Finally, whenever you finish something immediately put everything away and a little more, leaving your room cleaner than when you started. There isn’t really a better time to do it.

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