What can i use to decorate my bedroom walls/bed?

Well. My room is painted purple, with a magenta border, and I have purple carpet. I have a full size bed too. My walls seem pretty bland, and my bed doesn't even have a headboard! so until I get new furniture, how can I decorate my room, and bed. without spending much money, I'm on a small budget of about $20. THANKS :D

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Get posters put pictures of your friend up on my wall I have quotes like dream or hope got those from wallmart and Joann and you can make pictures to put on

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Get some cool posters of people/ films/ shows you like etc. Erm... you could create a collage of some pics of your friends, you, pets, family, holidays.. or anything! I'm not sure what else really, maybe if you're into art and drawing etc. you could hang up some pictures you have done.

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take pics of you and your friends, and get them developed a bit bigger than usual, then go to a 2nd hand shop or a yard sale and buy a couple of big-ish photo frames. you can sand them down, paint them, whatever. then you can either (depending on the sizes) put the photos in each of them, or make collages with photos/ribbon/old bday card pictures/ notes/ drawings etc.

this is my fave one! haha...

if your mum will let you, buy sopme cheap paints and markers and get all your friends around to draw/write all over your wall. I did this with my old room and it was AWESOMEE! just tell your mum that you can just paint over it if one day you dont want it or whatever.

or if your mum wont let you do this, then buy a huge sheet of paper and stick it to the wall and do the same thing.

have fun!

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