Gun vs needle (cartilage piercing)

Heyy! Once again I have a cartilage question. Hah. Okay so... I've been reading and so far I've only seen negative feedback about using a gun for a piercing... Is it that likely that you WILL get a disease or a shattered cartilage from using a gun? Lastly if YOU personally have had a cartilage piercing via needle, what was that like?? Did it hurt...?? A loot?

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I had mine done with a gun in a pharmacy. They didn't tell me about any of the risks... well I've just got back from a&e who had to remove the earring or risk me loosing my ear. Turns out I've got shattered cartilage aswell.. oh the joys. Using a gun is just not worth it.. if I get it done again I will be getting it done professionally with a needle. My question is it illegal to pierce someone's ears without them signing stuff first.. let me know xxx

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NEVER, EVER get your cartilage pierced with a gun. It shatters the cartilage, prolongs healing time (and it'll often never heal properly and cause you pain), guns cannot be sterilized properly (increasing chance for infection), not to mention it's now illegal. I'm not saying that any of this will happen, all people are different, but the chances are higher.

Needle is totally the way to go. If you're worried about it hurting more, don't be. Find a reputable piercer (clean shop, autoclave sterilized equipment, etc) and for the extra bit of money get it done with a needle. It'll pinch a bit, you might experience some burning, but it the long run it's so much better. I got mine done (for the 3rd time again) about 5 days ago, and I've experienced no swelling, no throbbing, no pain. I can spin the ring to clean it and could even sleep on it with only a little discomfort after 3 days. Compared to getting it done with a gun 4 years ago and having to take it out after 2 months of constant problems and pain.

and, piercing it yourself with a pin is NOT the same as going in and getting it done by a pro with a needle. Professional piercing needles are hollow, so rather than pushing tissue aside and forcing a ring through (which can cause thick scaring) it is actually cutting away some of the tissue, making room for your new jewelry.

hope this helps =]

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I have had a cartalige with a gun, and it hurt just a tad, but the noise freaked me out.
but then I have also just had the earring pushed through the cartalige, and it hurt just the same amount as using a gun.

I think it will all depend on your preferance and pain tolerance.

I prefer pushing the earring through.

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If you have it professioally done, it will all be 100% fine. The professionals know what they're doing so they'll know what's best to use for what piercing. And the pain will depend on what your personal pain tolerance is.

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It depends on where you go, if the place isn't sanitary then yes it's likely it'll get infected (diesase).

And the shattered cartelliage is common depending on where you pierce (more common on the nose, less on the ear).

And yes I've had a cartelliage piercing with the needle, it wasn't bad at all...
It was just a meere pinch and then it was done, putting the jewlerry in following the needle is the part that hurts the most, and that wasn't tooo bad (depends on where you get done again, some areas hurt more then others) my conch piercing made me cry, but the industrial I was fine with...

And my friend who got her helix done with a gun only muttered an "ow".

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I pierced mine with a needle, I actually just used the earing I wanted to put in... and I did it myself, I just cleaned it with alcohol, and then I stuck it through, and it hurt for a few days but it never got infected but I cleaned it about 6 times a day. lol and I ended up doing about 4 more cartlige peircings and they all turned out fantastic. so Do the needle way, the gun can shatter your cartlige. I have a gun, but I would never use it to do cartlige.

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I Got my Cartilage pierced 2 weeks ago with a gun at walmart... And it still hurts.. throbbing acually.. red kinda warm feeling.. and there is a big bump when I take the ring out.. no pus comming out of it. just some clear liquid. Should I take the piercing out and let it heal and then maybe get the other side pierced with a neddle?
Please let me know

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I got my cartilage pierced with a gun and it did not hurt one bit. The only sound you hear is the sound of the gun clicking. My friends who got it done with a needle all complained about how it hurt. Even weeks after they still complained. I never felt one ounce of pain, but then again I can handle pain.I've pierced my own eyebrow and lip. lol. but I prefer gun =)

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I got mine done today with a gun doesnt hurt at all..and you wouldnt get infected from it being dirty because if they used a dirty gun/parts to do ear piercings they could get sued for a lot of money (You wont die from it) remember that, if it hurts you? then it hurts.

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you took it out you are suppost to wait like 3 months so it will heal around the peircing

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I've had my cartilage done with a gun and it was very good not shattering of the cartilage and it was super quick and barely hurt Im very happy with my piercing

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