How could I fix up a 2002 ford mustang?

For 16th Birthday my auntie might give me her 2002 black ford mustang. I’m not really sure what I should do to it but I wanna make it look better! I want a navigation, radio , new paint job and other stuff. So if you have any ideas let me know! I’ll probably get $4000 to fix it up but I need some ideas!! Please include prices! Thank you for your time …

Car looks like this but just in black!! [link removed]

Answer #1

well whats wrong with it? 2002 should be in relatively good shape… i would first discover what;s wrong and then see if you can get it fixed at a shop or just buy spare parts and replace ‘em yourself. Now, to see i anything is wrong i would run some tests for engine quality, see if your allignment is good, PAINT, tires, interior, etc… i would think it would be mostly cosmetic damage, no?

Answer #2

Ask the previous owner FIRST to try and get a little knowledge about the car, any problems it may have had in the past, or even some symptoms of what may have been going wrong so you can have a better idea of what needs to be done. Then go down the list of priorities in fixing it up. Don’t worry about paint, tired, interior, whatever, until it can successfully get you from point A to point B, that’s the main function of a car. If you spend a lot of money on all of that, just to find out that the car needs some morbidly expensive job done to it, like a new transmission, then it would have been cheaper to just get a different car. Or even worse! You could have this car, which you’ve already spent a lot of money on, break down in the middle of nowhere, leaving it a sitting target for thieves and vandals.

Answer #3

Take it to a Auto Body Shop to get a clear estimate on the paint job. I’ve done a whole body paint job and it does cost quite a bit. I’d ask around to your friends and family for the radio and what not. Some shops don’t do a great job with that.

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