I want to learn how to fight..really good, I think I can be able to handle myself for now but I feel as if other people are getting ahead of can I learn how to fight a really easy way without grapples??

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well I must say, speech-craft takes a lot more talent, but if you want a tip for a real fight which cud end bad for you then aim for the throat, but be careful it can be very dangerous indeed so dont use it lightly kk

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a real man doesnt use his fists to fight other people but it takes a real man to use his brain and mouth to talk himself out of a sticky suitation.

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Try martial arts

Just google medmartial

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Learn Jhiu-Jhitzu (spelling?) using videos that you can order.

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Well martial arts and karate are some good techniques of fighting

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Hon if u wanna be a good fighter u need to be well rounded. Don't restrict urself. But if u like striking go 4 taekwando or kickboxing/boxing

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