my mates gotten me into fighting (like boxing etc) how to start?

well as I said,a mate of mine, (who I don’t really know, but hes like a best mate) has said about all the fighting he does, like jujitsu, mhai thai, stuff like that, and I really want to start doing that. but where I live I can’t because it aint available here. but I want to do it later on when I grow up a bit more (im 15 real soon) and he told me some ways of training,like occasionally weights, and run, (to get fitness up) and to get harder. to be able to take a punch. HOW CAN I GET LIKE THAT???, because hes one hard @ss mo fo, of all the stuff hes taught me, its that anything in this world worth having is worth fighting for. SO I WANT TO START GETTING HARDER AND STUFF LIKE THAT any ideas,you fighting lot out there? ((BTW my gym isn’t very good, I can’t use there wieghts but I have my own pair of 2.5KG dumbells, all my gym has is tred mills, rowers, bikes) cheers guys

Answer #1

btw I havn’t ever tried most fighting “styles before,like mhai tai, jujitsu etc.

Answer #2

alright obviously your mates are getting you into the the greatest sport. theres two general styles that you have to be good at atleast one, stand up and ground. stand up consists of boxing, kickboxing, knees and being able to take your man. then there is ground which it tapout, grappling, jujitsu. once you figure out what yerh better at. I’m 4-0 in my county and my style is combined. for the workout part I would run about 5 miles a day, then you would wanna work on your lower body and upper body to get it conditioned. it takes a lot of time and consistency but if you stick with and aim for success your bound to win :-p

Answer #3

its all about upper body strength military presses bench press pull downs pull ups your legs too like squats and deadlifts

when it comes down to fighting like that you need to be able to handle your body weight and then some, cause you should be fightin people around your weight

jumpin rope is pretty good gotta work on your speed

ide go on like youtube and look up how those mma guys train, I know a few ecercises they do that dont require weights but there way to advanced for a begginner

Answer #4

those are like grappling styles boxing and mma are 2 different things, boxing doesnt require you to be able to counter a move like an armbar, mma fighting is more strategic you can litterally beat somone without hitting them

go on youtube im pretty sure theres lessons for those styles

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