How can I learn a martial art fighting style

I think I would like to learn a art of fighting. I probably would enjoy learning a martial art style. it seem hard cause I got asthma. but I can overlook that. but then it millions of fighting styles. anyone know a website that I can read. about a certain styles and info on it. I would join a MMA club or a martial art club. but I got no money. plus I live in peoria I.L and I havnt seen to many clubs here.I rather have a style that is made for destroying who ever you fighting. I don’t know why I wanna learn a martial art style. and start fighting. am like 5’10 (maybe even taller). weight about 135. I got long arms and legs. I think it would be a good idea to learn a style ^_^ my main questions are

  1. anyone know a website where I can read info and stuff on fighting styles

  2. anyone know some nice fighting styles

I think this is all thank ^_^

Answer #1

ya I don’t know where you would have 2 look 4 sum but I know capoeria kick boxing tia kwon do and mui tia probly spelld sum wrong but o well. I tink da coolest 1 I know would have 2 b capoeria many because da flips and randomass kicks

Answer #2

You need to try and remedy your lung-problem, because it’ll be crippling when learning any martial art (except Tai-Chi or Yoga, I guess)

Answer #3

if you want to study an art, solely on killing your opponent, krav maga might be the one.

that stuff is sick. but your never going to use it. if you get in a fight, you dont want to kill your opponent. simply teach him a lesson.

your intentions can get you into jail.

brazilian juijitsu should do it

Answer #4

1, try cause it has stuff on anything you wanna know about

  1. a cool one I heard of that’s actually been said to be dangerous and forbidden is the style of krav maga. apparently from what I read it’s supposed to be a style that is taught by the israeli military or whoever and ya they teach this to their soldiers and I guess it was said to be dangerous and forbidden cause some of the moves can actually kill a person and if not that then hurt them very bad
Answer #5

you can try shadowboxing !

Answer #6

buy Bruce Lee’s Tao Of Jeet Kune Do. it doesn’t only show you very good technique but it also shows you how to not waist movement, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn martial arts

Answer #7

If you got big problems with asthma, that could make it hard for you because praciticing martial arts is a lot of very hard work. Personally I do judo and wing chun and I love it - but I guess you can try anything you think looks fun.

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