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I have to go 2 Ultimate Fighting Championship 2moro..

I've reached th quarter final but im fighting someone a lot smaller and skinnier than me.. shud I worry about hurting him??

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The old North Shields boxing trainer, Coco, was about 5"5 and looked skinny, but he was a machine, he did not seem to get fatigued and the power and speed of his punches was unreal. Basically that kid is at the same stage as you for a reason, so you go in there expectin an easy ride you best bring someone with a box of plasters.

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You should never underestimate anyone... if hes small he might be quick and a great grappler... so watch it... lol I say drop him for good wit hard stand up haha

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ufc has weight divisions...which tournament is this?

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its not about hieght or body weight. its all skill.

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dun worrie its all bout skill !
like if tyou know mixed martial arts then youre straight! :)

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